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Am I Living My Life Purpose as a Light Worker?

Am I Living My Life Purpose as a Light Worker?

access_time April 16, 2015

Each day, many people on this planet who have the luxury of a few minutes to wonder, ask themselves if

Excited..!! Bizarre “Half Crocodille Half Buffalo” Creature Terrifies Villagers in Thailand

Excited..!! Bizarre “Half Crocodille Half Buffalo” Creature Terrifies Villagers in Thailand

access_time October 28, 2015

Mysterious creature which appears to be a hybrid between a crocodile and a buffalo terrifies village in Thailand Villagers in

So What’s Really Happening Now?

So What’s Really Happening Now?

access_time June 27, 2015

by Zen Gardner: There’s been something of a lull in truly major developments of late, despite all the garish noise

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Stop being afraid of yourself

access_time February 14, 2017 chat_bubble_outline 0

Meeting the demands of this reality matrix By Sonia Barrett In meeting the demands of this reality matrix there are

The Photon – Seed of the Universe

access_time January 17, 2017 chat_bubble_outline 0

Over time, the Wisdom Teachings series has delved ever deeper into the subject of pyramid science. This study has covered

What Reality Am I In?

access_time December 25, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 0

From time to time you may have experienced a sudden shock or feeling as if segments of time are missing


access_time November 5, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 0

As more and more evidence begins to surface within the modern day of humanity, we are able to examine and

Tesla’s “Forever” Energy Cell From the Zero Point

access_time November 4, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 0

From the 2015 Extraordinary Energy Conference, better known as Tesla Tech, Adam introduces Rolland Gregg and Marc Cuthbert of Quantum

Mind Over Matter – Secrets Of The Human Aura

access_time October 30, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 1

A Russian scientist is trying to convince people they can change the world simply by using their own energy. He

Quantum Experiment Shows How “Time” Doesn’t Exist As We Think It Does

access_time July 23, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 2

By Arjum Walia: “We choose to examine a phenomenon which is impossible, absolutely impossible, to explain in any classical way,

Learn How To Live In The Flow Of Life

access_time May 21, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 0

On the ordinary days of our life, you work, educate your children, have some fun, build and sustain connections with

10 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Life

access_time May 20, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 0

There is usually some catalyst (or several of them) that leads someone to the decision that some serious change is

Make Your Leap of Faith Into New Paradigms

access_time April 23, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 0

Do you feel, at this time, that you are reviewing old lessons, and seeing the past repeating in your life?

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