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Massive Object Caught On Nasa’s Satellite Imagery

Massive Object Caught On Nasa’s Satellite Imagery

access_time November 21, 2016

An interesting set of images came up on satellite imagery showing a massive object that appears to be hundreds of

How to Put the “Believe” in “Ask, Believe, Receive!”

How to Put the “Believe” in “Ask, Believe, Receive!”

access_time June 24, 2015

Ask, believe, receive. It’s the Law of Attraction motto, and it’s very simple. We are all GREAT at asking, and

25 Signs That The Global Elite’s Ship Is About To Sink

25 Signs That The Global Elite’s Ship Is About To Sink

access_time October 25, 2015

Make no mistake about it. The tide has turned on the global elite and there will be no going back.


The Distress Call for Planet Earth and The Plan

access_time December 30, 2016 chat_bubble_outline 0

She possesses an incredible depth of knowledge about a wide range of subjects from the year 2012, to extra terrestrials/UFO’s,

ET Disclosure Lite – Wikileaks and Other Admissions That We’re Not Alone

access_time December 13, 2016 chat_bubble_outline 0

NASA Administrator, Major Charles Bolden once told school children that Area 51 did exist and that aliens had visited our

EXCLUSIVE: Buzz Aldrin Confirms UFO Sighting in Syfy’s ‘Aliens on the Moon’

access_time December 12, 2016 chat_bubble_outline 0

Forget everything you think you know about the moon! Buzz Aldrin confirms ET has lunar bases on the far side

U.S. Major General Blows Whistle On What They Really Found On Mars

access_time December 2, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 1

“The time to pull the curtain back on this subject is long overdue. We have statements from the most credible

The World’s Top 20 Most Fascinating Alien Contactee & Abduction Cases

access_time October 26, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 0

Alien contactee and alien abductee cases are much more common than you may believe. The topic is still largely taboo

NASA’s Kepler Telescope Discovers a Colossal Artificial Structure Orbiting a Star in Our Vicinity

access_time October 24, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 0

NASA’s Kepler Telescope has stumbled upon one of the most fascinating discoveries so far – a colossal artificial megastructure believed

Citizen Hearing On Disclosure – This Needs to be Spread!

access_time September 9, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 0

“There is abundant evidence that we are being contacted, that civilizations have been monitoring us for a very long time.

The Truth is Happening! One of the Best UFO Videos

access_time August 23, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 0


There is Something Deeply Ancient and Non-Human Encoded in Our DNA

access_time August 21, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 2

For the Human Race, there are four, primary, types of blood. They are A, B, AB, and O. The classifications

The Ancient Giants With Six-Fingers and Double Rows of Teeth

access_time August 16, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 1

Large amount of evidence proves that giants exist beyond the world of legends and fairy tales. Remains of giant red-haired people

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