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Things To Remember When Dealing With Negative People

Things To Remember When Dealing With Negative People

access_time May 29, 2015

One of the things that can be somewhat frustrating about becoming a more positive person is that not everyone in

Pillar of Light Phenomenon Occurring Again

Pillar of Light Phenomenon Occurring Again

access_time August 23, 2015

by Corey Goode; Keep your eyes open people. The pillar of light phenomenon is occurring again. It is nothing to be

The Big Picture with David Wilcock

The Big Picture with David Wilcock

access_time November 23, 2015 David Wilcock weaves together the essential fragments that led to the rise of the cabal and how we can


Secret Ancient Knowledge – The Divine Matrix with Gregg Braden

access_time March 30, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 0

The Divine Matrix is an in depth presentation that you won’t want to miss. Gregg helps further the comprehension of

Manifesting the world you want to see through the power of your subconscious mind – Gregg Braden

access_time March 29, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 0

In psychology, the subconscious is the part of consciousness that is not currently in focal awareness.  Carl Jung believed there

Awakened Man – Russell Brand

access_time March 24, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 0

This video is not about Russell Brand at all, it is about the message and that message has never been

Rewire & Evolve Your Brain – The Law Of Attraction

access_time March 23, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 1

Joe Dispenza, D.C., first caught the public’s eye as one of the scientists featured in the award-winning film What the

Ancient Civilizations and Free Energy

access_time March 1, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 0

Scholars have told us that the first civilization on earth emerged in a land called Sumer some 6000 years ago.

Thrive: What on Earth will it take?

access_time February 28, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 0

For the first time, Foster and Kimberly are hosting live, interactive, online video events to engage the Thrive Movement in