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Last Chance For Humanity – Gonna Step Up or Not?

Last Chance For Humanity – Gonna Step Up or Not?

access_time July 10, 2015

By Zen gardner, This is it, folks. Last call. Gonna step up or not? This is the final fight, perhaps

Are You Actually Maturing Or Just Aging?

Are You Actually Maturing Or Just Aging?

access_time April 2, 2015

Most people don’t grow up. Most people age. They find parking spaces, honor their credit cards, get married, have children,

5 Signs which Show that our Emotions No Longer Control Us

5 Signs which Show that our Emotions No Longer Control Us

access_time November 13, 2015

We’ve all suffered emotionally throughout our lives. Similarly, we’ve all experienced trauma, regardless to what degree it personally manifested. Yet

About Us

All of what you will read here is designed to raise your awareness and improve your life, not just personally and professionally but spiritually as well. It will not only enrich your inner world, it will enhance your outer world and make you far more effective in all that you do. Once you see the power of the strategies and skills shown to you, observe the results improving your life. You must make it your mission to pass this wisdom on to others who will benefit from this knowledge. This is all that we ask of you.

We assure you that every article, every simple “Game of Life dare” or any other principle or piece of information published on this website has a great depth of meaning. We can also assure you that if you remember the fundamental truths that they represent, you will carry within you all that you need to know to raise your life to its highest level. You will have all the information and strategies you will need to profoundly influence the quality of your life and the lives of all those you touch. And when you apply this wisdom on a daily basis, you will change—mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Please write this words deep into your mind and carry them within your heart. It will only make a dramatic difference if you embrace it without reservation.

The name el11even

Well, some of you may noticed right away that the name el11even represents the number 11:11, which was one of the first major wake-up calls for both of us. But the name actually came to our minds when we divided the English word “eleven” into two parts: el- and -even. Both parts have a very strong meaning so we loved it right away. In Hebrew language “EL” means “the creator” (the description in quite long if you want to know more). The word “even” of course means “equal”, or “balanced”. For us the meaning of both words put together means that we are all equal creators, co-creators of our physical reality.


About El & Even

We are both in mid 30’s, currently living in Europe and from the day we’ve met, we’ve been feeling a deep, unconditional and indescribable connection. At first we didn’t completely understand the deep bond but later we became aware of experiencing something that existed within us for a long time. Since that day everything we do comes from our heart and there is always this deep drive within us to explore, discover and share the true meaning of life.


During the 10 years of marriage, we traveled the world, build our own businesses, created own brands and products, lived in different countries on different continents. What we’ve discovered through all the journeys we’ve experienced was that everything is only a lesson and an important experience giving us the tools and knowledge for our personal growth. Sometimes an experience can be more challenging than we feel it should be when we’re in the middle of it, but when we get through, the real meaning is revealed and we see that it wasn’t that hard at all and that we alone were responsible for creating it.

There is one thing that most of us share, regardless of who we are, where we come from or what we do – we somehow find the way to forget how to live our precious lives with full potential, excitement, joy and love.

We all get caught in a routine very easily and get used to habitual feelings, we even forget how a positive or nice feeling feels like and this leads to dissatisfaction, frustration, anger, fear, etc. There are small glimpses of good feelings when we go to holidays or buy new things, but feelings triggered by the outside world are temporary, which we’re sure you are very well aware of… or at least some of you 😉

Living a life with beliefs, knowledge and limits that we’ve been learning and gathering since we were born (from our parents, friends, school, society) can only mean that we don’t know who we are and what we really want because we haven’t had time to discover it.

Having a “proper” education, safe or regular jobs, building a home, having children, is a path and a pattern that the majority of people feel ok with, for us however this was never an option. We were always different and since childhood we’ve been asking many questions which led us to where we are today.

Regardless of what we’ve gone through we still came to a point when we said: “Damn, we’ve entered a routine again!”, so I and my husband decided to literally stop all the businesses we were involved in and changed our lives completely. We had looked back at what we’ve accomplished in our past experiences and at the important parts we can learn from – we’ve decided it’s time to “rise and shine” and start living a life with full potential, excitement, joy and love and utilize the knowledge we’ve gathered throughout our lives and share the findings and examples with all of you, so some of you can learn from it although the truth is that the best teacher is still your own experience. We always say that the environment has to be the product of our thoughts and feelings and not vice versa.

For some years now, especially after our strong connection to the 11:11 wake-up-call, we’ve been discovering the “new-world-spiritual’ world interconnected with everything we do in our daily life, we learned how everything affects everything else, from the Quantum world down to UFO’s, personal enlightenment and the truth behind the development of the human being and it’s origins (not everything of course, but enough for us to understand many different aspects of life). After we’ve decided to turn the life around it has taken us several months to deprogram an unlearn everything we were lead to believe, we’ve been removing all the obsolete knowledge and memories which only represent a brick wall when one wants to grow and expand. Our intention was to come closer to answering the questions such as Who we are?, Why we are here? and What our purpose on this planet really is? And we are sure many of you might hold the same questions in your minds right this moment…

Through meditation and other tools we use in our daily lives the idea of how to break the daily habits even more efficiently, manifested and revealed itself. In order to inject excitement, joy and love into our daily life without the need of external changes, we came up with the “game” called “The Game of Life” – one dare per day, to step out of the comfort zone into the unknown. When we do that, we make our life bigger. With this so called game, which by the way each of you can perform on a daily basis in your own way, we’d like to demonstrate how to invite the unknown into your life and enjoy the benefits of new and uplifting feelings and emotions, which are the basis of all creation within and around us. Once a person decides to make a change and commits to stick with it until the changes are visible, the whole experience happens in your mind even before you see it manifesting in your physical environment.

Everything we do in life is only a game, whether we are aware of it or not, and it’s only up to us how we choose to play it.

Our planet is a big playground as well as a divine and profound being who feels the feelings we feel, and by saying that we encourage you to try some of the “dares” we are about to demonstrate in this blog to change your life for the better. Of course there are many tools and resources such as books, movies, online lessons etc. which we can learn from about success, joy, spirituality, enlightenment, growth etc., but with this game you can make your efforts much more efficient because it’s the feelings combined with thought that make us who we are, and by performing a dare we invite excitement into our life whenever we decide to do so, regardless of the environment, body and time.

We committed to do as many dares as regularly as possible and if you find our game interesting we invite you to come up with suggestions, comments or your own stories which would inspire us or other readers. When giving suggestions please bare in mind that we are choosing the dares in a way that each person, regardless of where they are in life, can do it. We’ll do our best to summarize the thoughts, feelings and emotions of each dare, representing the core of this game of course, to demonstrate the purpose of it and we’ll try to post new dares we’ve done on a daily basis.

We also challenge you to perform the dares and share your experiences, feelings, thoughts and emotions.

It’s time for all of us to start creating our own lives, limited only by our mind, and it all starts with rising above of who we are today.

With all excitement, joy and love.

El & Even

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