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Cottage Cheese Crepes with Tarragon

Cottage Cheese Crepes with Tarragon

access_time April 29, 2015

Prep Time: 10 min| Cooking Time: 30 min | Total Time: 40 min| Servings: 6 | Difficulty: Easy [columns] [column

Embrace Your Challenges

Embrace Your Challenges

access_time June 16, 2015

By challenging yourselves, you grant yourselves an opportunity for discovery. You are all finding new strength that you did not

The Art of Jumping TimeLines

The Art of Jumping TimeLines

access_time November 23, 2016

Although it may seem paradoxical to some, your timeline—your life—is only one of many simultaneous possibilities. And it is quite


Whoever Reads this Magnificent Book Will be Changed Forever – The Antarctic Adventure

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A Trinity for an Awakening World – Genesis Antarctica is unique in many ways: in terms of its structure, its concept and its purpose.

Yet above all else, it stands out for its ability to trigger a very broad scope of reactions and effects among its readers and listeners, ranging from incomprehension all the way up to life-changing metamorphosis. Depending on the need.

The main body of the work consists of “retelling” an epic poem from the cache of so-called “Haakon Urns” discovered beneath the Antarctic ice by the Australian-led Vostok Traverse expedition in 1962. This archetypal saga – “The Song of Gorin”, evoking the glorious Zandernation civilisation and its destiny – bears witness to the foundation ages which ultimately inspired the Book of Genesis and similar Creation myths, written many tens of thousands of years later.

At first sight, it might appear to be a purely allegorical story of a “stranger in a strange land” who fulfils ancient prophecies and changes the course of pre-legendary history, establishing the lore and belief systems on which all subsequent civilisations were founded.

However, Genesis Antarctica sets itself distinctly apart from such genres by meticulously documenting a whole series of events and developments revolving around the find and researchers’ efforts to bring these astounding revelations to a wider audience.

This corroborative evidence takes the form of press articles, interviews, statements, past life regression research, cover-ups, personal diary entries, e-mails, denunciations, vehement attacks from religious fundamentalists, chat forum trivia, copyright disputes, negotiation of film rights and pre-production meeting reports. We even learn about the emergence of a Neo-Zandernatist Order devoted to spreading the precepts and principles enshrined in the civilisation’s knowledge system.

By interweaving all these solidly documented, multiple storylines into the flow of the ancient narrative with its heroic principles and noble purpose, Genesis Antarctica manages to convincingly establish the credibility of this parallel world. Once the process sets in, many readers find they are experiencing varying degrees of awakening, ranging from flashbacks to previous lives lived in the “Golden City” of Zandernatis – where everyone had total recall of all their past lives – to a radical shift in consciousness preparing them for the approaching cosmic transformation.

Fabulous facts or fabulous fable? “Genesis Antarctica” and its component “Zandernatis” books (available as paperbacks, ebooks and now in a ground-breaking audiobook edition performed by two of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s greatest actors) offer a potentially life-changing experience which is, quite simply,

“as real as you need it to be”


Here are just a few comments posted by readers on and

The greatest archeological discovery of all ages!
This Book is a life changer, after reading it you will not be the same anymore. It will answer the deepest questions about life you may have and let you see your whole life, or even different lives in a new light. I feel that this story, retold masterfully from true ancient scripture, has the potential to trigger a worldwide awakening and revolution, beyond all religious or political belief systems.”
Vayu, 2 April 2016

Fascinating book
It starts as yet another regular story, but soon develops into a profound spiritual experience. I had flashbacks of my vivid dreams from many years ago while reading this book – dreams of one of the scenes from the book. At that time I dismissed the dreams as a product of my weird imagination, now they make perfect sense.”
Aco, 25 November 2016

A vital contribution to humanity’s Evolutionary Process
Genesis Antarctica might be one of the most important works ever written, especially now that humanity is going through significant changes which do require to let go of everything that we’ve known, or been led to believe in order to synchronize with the new. The book is undoubtedly a vital contribution to this evolutionary process of humanity for it gives you, the individual, a discreet and gentle push towards fresh awareness and the opportunity to bring your focus within and see/remember that you have the right to discover your own truth, through your own and unique experience.”
Marijana P. 31 October 2016

Oh my, what a book!
FANTASTIC BOOK !! – “Everybody in the world should read it.
Maybe humans would be better behaved to one another if they did.
Love the story and the truth within for those who have ‘Eyes to See’.
There’s no doubt in my mind, whoever reads this magnificent book will be forever changed.
You will never look at the world the same.
Can’t wait for it to be made into a movie.
I’m sure it will be a blockbuster. The likes that have NEVER been seen before and the sooner the better!”
Verified Amazon Customer 22 January 2017

I choose a 5 star rating because this book made me want to talk about it to other people. If you read a lot like me you know most people do not give a hoot about what book you are reading. However this one I was excited to share. The book created many questions, which is great. It stretched my mind beyond what I knew. Who is to say this book is not based on real facts? What it made me do was research other religions,origins,past lives, the in between and lost cities to name a few.”
Rhonda Vermander November 28, 2014
(review of “Pre-Destination” – Zandernatis Book One)

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