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Things To Remember When Dealing With Negative People

Things To Remember When Dealing With Negative People

access_time May 29, 2015

One of the things that can be somewhat frustrating about becoming a more positive person is that not everyone in

Baking a French Bread – Accuracy, Discipline and Appreciation

Baking a French Bread – Accuracy, Discipline and Appreciation

access_time February 25, 2015

To be honest, we’re still very excited from yesterday’s dare – Hide and seek… each time we see a hideout

25 Signs That The Global Elite’s Ship Is About To Sink

25 Signs That The Global Elite’s Ship Is About To Sink

access_time October 25, 2015

Make no mistake about it. The tide has turned on the global elite and there will be no going back.


Time Traveler who spent 2 years in the future – year 2749 – tells all

Time Traveler who spent 2 years in the future – year 2749 – tells all

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In these videos, a Time Traveler, who spent 2 years in the future in 2749 and returned to the present tells everything he saw. Interestingly, many people who have taken the time to listen to him have stated that his ‘predictions’ have started occurring on Earth.

Do you believe time travel is possible? According to conventional theories, it’s impossible, at least not for human beings. If someone can travel faster than the speed of light, then theoretically, someone could travel in time and time travel would become a definite possibility. Many researchers believe that evidence of time travel can be found in numerous ancient texts, among them the Bible. In the ancient Indian text of the Mahabharata, written in the eighth century BC, King Raivata is described as traveling to the heavens to meet with the creator god Brahma, only to return to Earth hundreds of years in the future.

But today, it is extremely difficult to debate whether or not time travel is real, even though there are many incredible accounts which allegedly prove it is possible.

Al Bielek is a man who tells a different story. According to Bielek, not only did he travel to the future, he managed to come back and tell the story of everything he had encountered.

Al Bielek discusses all of what he remembers from 6 weeks he spent in the year 2137 and two years he spent in 1749., The story behind this man is beyond fascinating and many have claimed the accounts Bielek has spoken about are already happening or will occur in the near future. From a new world order to devastating climate change taking over Earth, the story told by Bielek is one that is worth listening to.

Among the many things mentioned by Bielek is the Montauk Project: an alleged series of secret United States Government projects conducted at Camp Hero and/or Montauk Air Force Station on Montauk, Long Island where researchers were developing psychological warfare techniques and exotic research including time travel. “The origin of the Montauk Project dates back to 1943 when radar invisibility was being researched aboard the USS Eldridge. As the Eldridge was stationed at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, the events concerning the ship have commonly been referred to as the ‘Philadelphia Experiment’. (Source)

The Montauk Project gave birth to a number of documentaries and countless books which have tried very hard to describe the accounts occurred behind the people of the United States during the numerous top-secret projects that resulted in the creation of time travel devices.

According to reports, Al Bielek’s duties were to handle the operations of the Mind Control program.  He was in regular contact with Duncan Cameron and Preston Nichols.  Stewart Swerdlow was one of the Montauk Boys programmers under Al Bielek. (Source)

Interestingly, in the 1980’s when the time control programs were operational, Al participated in some of the time travel experiments.  Both he and Duncan traveled to Mars on several occasions.  He now remembers several other trips he took with teams to a research station in 100,000 BC, other planets to get canisters filled with Light and Dark Energy, and to the year 6037. (Source)

Many people remain skeptical  about Al’s statements and the entire secrecy behind the Montauk Project, believes firmly sustain that it is only a matter of time before classified documents become available to the general public proving the existence of the so-called Montauk Project and the controversial Philadelphia Experiment.



n the last episode, Al Bielek (Ed Cameron) dives into the water with brother Duncan Cameron, with plans to swim ashore, after seeing the horrors of the disaster the Philadelphia Experiment did to the men, including brother Jim
Instead of hitting the cold water, they found themselves flying through clouds and blacked out
When they awoke, they were in the hospital with radiation burns of the ionizing type, memories wiped and everything was cool, until an orderly turned on the TV
A big screen television hung on the wall and best of all, it was in color
You can imagine how they felt
For six weeks they recovered in the hospital and one day Al Bielek vanished
He was sent by someone to the year, 2749 where he worked as a tour guide for 3 years, until they told him he’d have to return to the 20th Century
This woud be like someone telling you that you have to return to the 13th Century! How dreadful, so Al told them, ‘No thanks!’
They said you will go and he said, ‘But I don’t want to’
They they said there are problems and you have to go back to solve them and so back he went
He had to spend the rest of his life, living under a Nazi government
If you think this story is true, then good for you
If you want to believe, but you have questions, even better
Those who accept on faith are like the religious and are easily led, like sheep
Those who ask questions are at the top of the heap
I would not let you watch this testimony and lead you on
There are, you will find, some smelling salts, at the end

Remember 9/11 in which jets seemed to fly at altitudes and speeds which were IMPOSSIBLE and commercial pilots, like John Lear will tell you so, then we have the fact that the plane that hit the tower passed right through the building, emerging intact on the other side! This is also not possible! There are about 80 steel columns on each floor and aluminum planes do NOT pass through them, intact, so what’s really going on here? Holograms? They can create objects which fool the eyes, while bombs go off inside buildings? Now we see holograms in the skies in China? Floating cities? Obviously, they are not real. Who is doing this and why are they doing it? What follows, an attack by fake aliens? If aliens wanted to attack, they could have done it 10,000 years ago and we wouldn’t be here, today! It is not the nature of aliens to attack, like some primitive ape who was genetically altered to be intelligent and play with nuclear bombs. We have been at war, every year, since 1944 and as long as apes are in control, we’re going to spend trillions of dollars on useless wars so that a handful can be rich!


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