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Crying Crystal Stones Instead of Tears – Yemeni Girl Leaves Doctors Speechless

Crying Crystal Stones Instead of Tears – Yemeni Girl Leaves Doctors Speechless

access_time September 11, 2015

In this unexplained phenomenon, this girl has the unbelievable ability to cry sharp crystals out of her eyes! The crystals

The Great Dictator’s Speech

The Great Dictator’s Speech

access_time December 4, 2015

I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be an emperor. That’s not my business. I don’t want to rule or

The Full Moon in Aquarius (Blue Moon) Transmission – July 31

The Full Moon in Aquarius (Blue Moon) Transmission – July 31

access_time July 31, 2015

Between all the gateways and super intense Light waves, there’s also a blue moon coming up on the 31th of


Antarctica – The Origins of Humanity?

Antarctica – The Origins of Humanity?

access_time November 14, 2016 chat_bubble_outline 0 comments

Fresh stories about Antarctica seem to be surfacing on an almost daily basis. Pyramids, lost cities under the ice, mysterious sightings and more. There is so much we don’t know about the ice-covered continent that it’s hardly surprising there is so much conjecture.

Recent sources on the web are claiming that Antarctica may have been the site of the original “Garden of Eden” or “Paradise” on which the Genesis story was based, the home of an ancient civilization that existed tens of thousands of years before all other legendary civilizations such as Atlantis, Lemuria or Mu. This information is said to have been discovered by a trans-Antarctic expedition in 1962 and was kept securely under wraps for over 50 years. Not surprising of course, since it challenges too many accepted beliefs, both scientific and religious.

However, this seems to be something rather more than just another conspiracy theory. The various sources are even suggesting that becoming aware of this story can trigger another type of awareness among those who are ready to take this kind of information on board. To be quite honest, it is not easy to work out what is real and what is pure conjecture here – or even pure fabrication. The curious thing is that, apparently, this does not really matter. That being exposed to this story and the impact it is making on our society can, of itself, result in a shift of consciousness…

The latest developments in quantum physics are forcing us to accept the idea that there may well be parallel worlds in parallel universes within microns of our own – in which case, who can say whether these stories of Genesis in Antarctica and the origins of humanity are true or not? And if not here, then there… Wherever “there” may be.

It is an intriguing idea. But apparently this is something we all have to work out on our own. Those who should find out what this is all about at this time will do so. While those who should not, will dismiss it as just another trap for the gullible. Truth is highly relative, as we know. What may be true for one may be heresy for another… Just think how many God-given “truths” were proved to be wrong throughout the centuries.
The message underlying these “revelations” is, apparently, that there are as many versions of the truth as there are people on the planet. And that all of this is an open invitation for each one of us to seek out and determine his or her own.

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