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Changing in the River of Change

access_time December 16, 2015

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How WAVE X Will Affect You

access_time July 15, 2015

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The World Is Upside Down – The Truth About Sunglasses, Cholesterol and Sunblock – David Icke

The World Is Upside Down – The Truth About Sunglasses, Cholesterol and Sunblock – David Icke

access_time May 28, 2015

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Truth and Karmic Habitat

Truth and Karmic Habitat

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By Nanono

There seems to be many manipulations unto the karmic habitat at the moment.

It is hard to move forward through difficult karma when there are manipulations unto one’s karma. If one’s karma is manipulated or removed one is not able to forgive the karma and move forward. If the karma is manipulated one will feel stuck and stagnant and as one sits within a vacuum. It can be difficult to figure out what is happening as well as who is behind. Often time the outcome is that one stops forgiving karma and simple doesn’t evolve. Transfusion is about moving energy and not about stopping energy to move. In transfusion one is interested in moving upwards into higher vibrations and applying light to the cells in the body to burn of karma and toxins.


[column size=”1/2″]// // [/column]
[column size=”1/2″ class=”right”]As one apply more light to the body it will be more vibrant and more joy will be experienced. One cannot burn off karma that belong to others so it is important to have one’s own karmic records and ancestors and these are a part of the karmic habitat. A karmic habitat that is manipulated will not hold all the records one needs to clear karma and it will affect how well one is able to transfuse. [/column]

Some humans have more manipulations unto their karmic ancestry than others. Overall the karmic habitat are targeted by demons because they know it is important and hold many records that need to be present in order to succeed in one’s transfusion.

Karmic habitat

The karmic habitat is the sum of all the karma that belongs to oneself. One need to have access to one’s own karmic habitat in order to research karma that needs to be forgiven as well as to understand why life unfolds the way it does. Without one’s own karmic habitat it is hard to figure out what way to travel in life. If one feel lost and has no dream for life it is likely that parts of the karmic habitat have been lost. Sometimes one can lose parts of the karmic habitat that translates into sweet dreams to experience in life. Other times one can lose parts of the karmic habitat that translates into strife. Either way it will create problems if one has lost parts of oneself. Whatever is lost will skew the dream for life in certain directions and if one doesn’t have the karmic habitat one will not be able to research in dreamtime what transpires in life. Then one can end up experiencing a difficult dream for life and one will not be able move beyond the strife in life. The best thing to do on a daily basis is to intend to retrieve all karma that belongs to one self.

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Why would someone manipulate one’s karmic habitat? There can be several reasons to this but underlying most of the issues are problems with demonic forces that wish to control one’s life. Demons were never meant to be in charge of one’s karmic habitat so it is important to intend to complete with demons that wish to control one’s life. There are demons present in the human dream that are used to stop any possible dream for light to be anchored here on Earth. Their purpose is to snuff out the light here on Earth and make sure everything goes extinct. When light is anchored here on Earth it illuminates a lot of problems to be seen. These problems are not just problems for Earth but also problems for the Tao. Many light workers came here to Earth to help illuminate problems that are making the Tao wobble. If you wonder who you are or what your purpose in life is? It is to find solutions to problems that are threading the existence of the Tao. Light workers were sent out as a special task force to figure out problems and find a solution. Earth is not an easy place to anchor light to understand what has happened. Whenever light is ignited within the etheric cellular structure it triggers an arrival of demons that will try and snuff out the light so nothing can be illuminated. It is not easy to be a light worker because one will have a purpose to illuminate, heal, forgive and change and this is exactly what the demons don’t want you to do. At this time demons has an advantage because they still have a way to manipulate everything into extinction. It can be difficult to deal with demons on a daily basis that snuff out one’s light and try to shatter oneself. If one find oneself in a confused state of being it is really because demons are interfering in one’s life. The best thing to do is to intend to connect to one’s Tao within and ask for help and guidance. Even this can be difficult and often times it is not possible to make a connection to one’s Tao within. It is not within true Tao law to be cut off from oneself. Those demons that chose to cut one off from one’s Tao within create a lot of karma for themselves and will face long periods of introspection that are not going to be joyful.

Demons will try and control the karmic habitat. Demons know that if they can control the karmic habitat they will control the life of the one the karmic habitat belongs unto. Deleting certain key ancestors from the karmic habitat will make holes in the ancestral lines and one will not be able to find the records and information those key ancestors were supposed to provide. It is hard to experience a loss of information and karma that needs to be forgiven in order to move forward. When this happen one find one self stuck and it is like one is not able to let life flow or unfold in any direction. When the dream for life can’t flow, the energy in the body stops to vibrate and this can be experienced as depression or other dark dreams for life. Sometimes the dream for life can invert because there is no flow or energy to move it forward. When this happens one will sink into a dream of non-fulfillment and non-flow. If this happens the best thing to do is to un-invert the dream for life and make sure that the dream for life flow in the proper direction. Demons are gifted at inverting one’s life dream and it is time to clear the karma with demons that interfere with one’s life this way.

Demons will try to shatter whatever can be shattered. This is their purpose and it is easier to forgive them when one understand that they are never able to do much other than strip, shatter of move things around. Demons work against your evolution and fulfillment and are a major problem at this time period. It not just the karmic habitat that demons will try and manipulate into failure, they also try and manipulate all moving energy system within the etheric body so they doesn’t work the way they are supposed to. Demons will try and shut down the sexual energy, the grounding magnetism, your power, your chakras, the challis divine or any other part of systems that one is in need of to direct one’s body and dream for life. If demons take over parts of the sexual energy flow it is hard to hold boundaries and stay grounded. It is also hard to see that parts of one’s sexual energy is controlled by demons because the demons will try and hide that they sit in the sexual energy and control it.

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There are agreements one can make with demons to help one hold boundaries and manifest dreams. Often times the demons make one believe that we can’t get anywhere and won’t manifest anything without working with them. Demons have infected the human dream and there is much karma to clear for how one relies on demons to manifest and protect oneself. Demons have made one believe that we can’t survive without them to help us. It is time to release all karma for why we believe demons are needed in our life. More importantly it is time to take back all information, power, dream and karma that the demons hold for us. Most often demons will hide in one’s field and pretend they are ancestors. It is time to illuminate who are true ancestors to oneself and who is demons and release the demons. Demons will deal with anyone that can provide them dream or a better circumstance. This is one of the underlying problems with Annanuki humans we have karma with. Annanuki humans also like to deal and so electrical humans and demons make deals with each other to prosper. This is part of the problems light workers face in life because Annanuki humans and demons turn lawless and work together in order to strip for their own gain. It is time to understand that demons associated with one’s own field deal with other demons and Annanuki humans in order to diminish one’s life. It is time to forgive and move forward.

If one loses one’s power it can often be related unto demons that will take the power so one can’t direct one’s own life the way one wishes to. It is not uncommon to have hidden agreements with demons in one’s field. These agreements state that one should give one’s power to the demons so they can take care of one self. Often times the demons that have agreements to dance in one’s field work with other demons that are more planetary based as well as demons more related to the Pleiades and the Annanuki family. It can be confusing to figure out what demons are associated with stripping one’s field because some of the demons that dance with one’s own field can actually protect oneself. First the demons strip one’s power and then they show up and tell one that they can protect you if you work with them. There are many agreements in the karmic habitat to clear for how we chose to co-operate with demons and often times those agreements are erased by demons so they can’t be found and forgiven. If one was to understand what there is to realize in all these games with demons it has to be that everything is manipulated heavily and that no demon would ever be interested in one finding one’s way out of the co dependence on demons to survive. It is time to forgive oneself and all others for how demons have controlled our life and the life of our ancestors. It is important to realize that one has to retrieve all karmic habitats and release all the agreements within it for working with demons. In the understanding that we all have worked with demons or have ancestors that worked with demons it is easier to have compassion for oneself and others. It is time to understand that demons have puffed themselves up to an extreme and manipulated one’s karmic habitat. It is time to align with one’s own Tao within and ask for help and guidance to complete with demons.

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It is perceived that much key karma and agreements have been moved off planet so it would never be found and so that demons could control the karmic habitat. As demons control the karmic habitat they control the reincarnation cycle and that is why there is no point in choosing to reincarnate again at this time period. The whole reincarnation cycle is manipulated and messed up by demons and it will never bring real fulfillment to light workers to accept a life controlled by demons. It is time to understand that what we perceive as the reincarnation wheel might not be what it looks like. There is a dream stepping down for a cleansing of the reincarnation wheel and this is a project that might start to take off in 3 to 4 years’ time span. It will take a couple of years for light workers to map out what they perceive are wrong in the reincarnation wheel and then a turning and cleansing of it will take place for humanity.


[column size=”1/2″]// // [/column]
[column size=”1/2″ class=”right”]That is why all light workers are needed at this time period to apply light to their karmic habitat and figure out how and where it is manipulated. It is possible to call on special Tao rendition teams for help and these will provide help and insight to cleanse the demons from the human dream and reincarnation wheel. Those light workers that are conscious at this time are important because their struggle provides important keys to the Tao rendition team as to which manipulations are most common and how to undo them. [/column]

As a light worker you are honored and respected and receive far more help than you might think. One will experience to fell left alone to fight against the demons and this is not true, the Tao rendition teams are watching you but they also have to let you cycle into the darkness to understand how the demons work. When the manipulations are understood one will cycle into the light again. Light workers have a difficult job and are blessed by the Tao for their willingness to help provide insight and information but again many light workers came in as a special task force to find out what the problems was here at Earth.


It is time to take control over one’s karmic habitat and throw out all demons that think they should control and manipulate it however they wish to. It is important to hold onto one’s karma and ancestors and make sure they are not deleted or manipulated. If one find one is missing karmic pieces it is time to search them out and bring them back. Many pieces have been moved off Earth and sits on Mars or other stars and planets. Often times important ancestors which one has lineages unto has been removed from one’s karmic habitat and when they are missing one can be manipulated because one cannot see the karma and agreements these ancestors had with others. Some of these ancestors had agreements to work with demons to protect them and when the ancestors can’t be found the agreements with the demons can’t be erased and keep interfering with one’s transfusion. The karmic habitat is like a treasure box and should stay with one self and not others. There exist Annanuki humans that know that they have power over light workers if they control their karmic habitat and they tend to try and control it. It is time to release all karma for why Annanuki humans overrun one’s field and steal the karmic habitat. It is time to understand that as long as others hold one’s karmic habitat they have the power to manipulate one’s life in an unwanted direction.

The Tao rendition teams are here to help and support light workers and one can call on their help if needed. One can also call on one’s Tao within but this connection is heavily attacked and manipulated by demons and it can sometimes be difficult to connect. Sometimes the challis has been closed down by demons so one can’t hear the Tao, other times demons pretend they are one’s Tao and will give false guidance. There are many manipulations used by demons to avoid anyone to connect to their Tao within and if one find it difficult to connect it is good to make an intention to clear all karma for why one can’t hear the Tao within. You are honored and blessed for the work you do and can’t be denied your Tao connection within. Intend for the connection and clear the karma for why you don’t have it and this will change your life.


And Nanono 
Blessings from the Tao 

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