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The Truth Behind Michael Jackson’s Murder

The Truth Behind Michael Jackson’s Murder

access_time October 19, 2016

Michael Jackson was sharing information with his supporters and exposing the El-ites in his own way. His final album cover



access_time April 11, 2015

Prep Time: 15 min| Cooking Time: 45 min | Total Time: 60 min| Servings: 4 | Difficulty: Easy In the

A Time for Letting Go

A Time for Letting Go

access_time July 26, 2015

I love the expression, “What if they had a war and nobody came?” I feel the same about the matrix


Who Created us – The Ancient Human Space Programs – Corey Goode

Who Created us – The Ancient Human Space Programs – Corey Goode

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In just one of the “UN Type Federations” that was the Human Types of “Off World” Beings Only there were 22 Groups with 22 competing Claims of creating the “Current Human Species”.

It was all quite confusing for the scientists as all of them had offered scientific proof of their genetic coding and manipulation. It was obvious that there was a base humanoid being that had been augmented genetically for many thousands of years by many groups (Much more than the 22 present at this one Conference, Some were Off World Groups that were said to “Not Exist Anymore”).

This is confusing enough before you start to add the other information from the “VERY Non Human Types of Off World Groups” who had their own “UN Types of Federations” that were attended and presented the very same data.


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[column size=”1/2″ class=”right”]In the end it was really decided it didn’t matter who all had tinkered with our gene’s or contributed their own genes to our own. We were a distinct and different species and had developed an extremely “Wide Spectrum of Emotional, Spiritual and Consciousness” Abilities that These beings were “Jealous Of” (Many were now attempting to splice them into their own genome) and afraid of us realizing our full potential of. This was also true of the “Secret Earth Governments/Groups” who worked to keep us ignorant of our abilities and dumbed us down and continue to do so. [/column]

They use our “Co-Creative Abilities of Shared Consciousness” against us using it as the basis of their “Magic” in some cases and as weapons against their enemies in other cases.

They will do anything to keep us ignorant of these abilities and to keep us from developing them. Right now Consciousness is rising faster than they can keep up with in the general population and they have been considering very drastic measures to knocking it back “Down” as many of you have heard stories of… The boggy may stories of the Illuminati are based on a lot of these plans and actual idea’s to reduce population and cause mass chaos to cause us to go into survival mode and stop paying attention to all of this consciousness and spiritual enlightenment information that is seeping through out the minds of humanity because of their closer connections to their higher selves (Most people are not even aware of what is going on, or that they are more connected to a higher self as the “Dumbing Down Campaign” has been pervasive).

Do the ancient human space programs have a more spiritual mindset that has enabled them to remain intact after thousands of years?

Only in a couple of cases. Sadly advanced technology and spiritual advancement do not go hand in hand. Several of these “Ancient Breakaway Civilizations” have been VERY dishonest and have presented themselves as “Gods” and “Aliens” from other star systems here to “Help Humanity”. They have taken advantage of people of Earth for many thousands of years and worked with the most corrupt “Off World Groups” when is suited their agenda and with the “Secret Earth Governments and their Syndicates” up until recent times. There seems to have been a falling out with some of these groups and the Secret Earth Governments because they are trying to trick others into exposing the Ancient Breakaway Groups who are pretending to be “Aliens” for what they really are.

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The Secret Earth Governments and their Syndicates are also in the process of being betrayed by their “Custodian Gods” or “Off World Allies” who are trying to make deals to sacrifice them for the freedom of these “Off world Groups”. These “Opposition SSP’s” and the various Secret Earth Government Syndicates are also turning on each other at this time. They are barely holding things together at all. The “SSP Alliance” has its own problems with cohesion as well. It is quite a mess with all groups both “Above” and “Below”. This could be the breaking points that Humanity needs right now.

The Blue Avians stated that things would get a lot tougher before they improve not only because of the nature of “Full Disclosure” and the revelation of the Crimes against Humanity, but also because Humanity needs to have some karmic releases and experience some hard lessons that will stick in our genetic memories that will prevent us from repeating these historical cycles once we are free from manipulation and control by the “Custodian Alien Races/Gods” and their Human Control Systems, the “Secret Earth Government’s, Their Syndicates and the “Babylonian Money Magic Slave System” that have almost always been in place. We will then be responsible for our own futures. I cannot think of a better foundation to start that future off on that that of their Message. To become “More Loving”, To Daily work on becoming “More Service To Others”, To practice “Forgiveness” (To release karma) and to focus on “Raising our Vibrations and Consciousness”. I do not see a down side to this message personally.

What is the Sphere Being/Allie Beings/SSP Allied Ultimate Agenda?

It shouldn’t take too long for these recent changes to begin to have an affect down here on the surface where everything is very much still in control of those who are trying to flee right now. I was told that we shouldn’t expect to be spared turmoil by off world beings. That we as Humans have been under control for so long and have been in a cycle of repeating history for so long that we will need to have a shocking series of events down here for us to have a sort of “Genetic Memory” that will prevent us from doing so in the future once we are on our own two feet and not being controlled by any “Alien or AI Gods”…

Whether true or not I have a feeling we will find out with in a short time. The “Cabal Groups” are in panic mode and are already in a separate battle over Earths Financial Control System (AKA Babylonian Money Magic Slave System) against BRIC’s AKA “The Alliance”. I do not personally see how BRIC’s is going to be that much better if any than what was in place before it as long as a Financial Control System is in place (IMHO).

What can we do to aid the sphere beings, and the changes we wish to see take place on Earth?


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[column size=”1/2″ class=”right”]I know this sounds simple but I assure you it is the hardest thing you will ever try to attempt. Their message of making the changes “Within” yourself in order to greatly affect the World in a Positive Way! “They” have communicated that the more of us that follow this “Message” or “Plan” the more we “Rob” the negative entities of the “Emotional Energy” that they “Vampire” off of us to nourish themselves. They stated as the “Change” occurs in our Sol System and the “Vibratory Energy Raises” the “Entity Attachments” that are attached to so many of us will be “Driven Out Of Our Realm” and flee back to “The Realm They Have Come From”. [/column]

These “Entity Attachments” that use people as “Hosts” and drive them to act so negatively to cause “Fear”, “Hate”, and all of the other “Lower Vibratory Emotions” from their emotional victims “Share” some of the “Loesche Energy” with their “Host” Humans.

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When these dark entities are “Driven Back To Their Realms” they will leave their former Hosts writhing and withdrawing from their addiction of this “Energy” like Heroin Addicts. These “Entity Attachments” are also present in other Alien Beings and are used as “Tools” by some of these other Alien Beings as control mechanisms against Humanity. This is just one of many dirty secrets of our existence… SO, TO THE “HIPPY LOVE AND GOLDEN RULE MESSAGE” that the Sphere Beings are trying to get us to focus on. The MORE each of us FOCUS EACH DAY on raising our “Consciousness”, becoming more “Service To Others”, “Loving” and learn to “Forgive” (Which will nullify much negative Karma)…

Once we are able to do this we will begin to rob these beings of this energy. We will begin to “Tip The Scales” in the direction of “LOVE” and away from “FEAR”. This is not an easy path I assure you. I have been stumbling around like a newborn trying to practice what “They” want me to preach. They have also stated that it is very important to treat our current vessels (Bodies) like temples and to go on a “High Vibrational Diet” and to cut out the weaponized food that is apart of most of our everyday staple… Wow right? Is that all I have to do? It is a tall order for anyone IMHO.

Some very interesting times are coming very soon. If you are not in touch with your “Discernment Filter” now then this is something that each of you should begin to do through what ever belief system you embrace. Pray, Meditate or use your Intellect to get back in touch with that ability we were ALL born with, but ALL were at least attempted to become separated from by TPTB. There are a lot of deceptive and self serving agenda’s out there as we all know. They are going to attempt to muddy up the waters as much as possible for all of us in the coming months.

Good luck to us all in sifting through all of this information and the information of others with competing agendas who are all seeking to expand your consciousness in one direction or another for both Positive and Negative Agendas…

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