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Do Parallel Universes Exist?

Do Parallel Universes Exist?

access_time August 9, 2015

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Being Present in the Present

Being Present in the Present

access_time May 29, 2015

Living History: We are surrounded, enamored and consumed by our past. It is in everything, everywhere and everyone we know.

Interview with Nikola Tesla from 1899 – Everything is the Light

Interview with Nikola Tesla from 1899 – Everything is the Light

access_time August 10, 2016

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World’s First AI Truth-Based Search Engine Network

World’s First AI Truth-Based Search Engine Network

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By Uros Pocajt,;

We live in a time where our daily decisions, business, education and life itself in many instances depend on our digital library – the internet. Never before has it been so important to have a trustworthy, transparent and unfiltered source of information, especially in times when we are going through a collective transition phase.


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[column size=”1/2″ class=”right”]As a society we are inundated and overwhelmed with a flood of information from a wide array of sources, but most of these sources of information serve the one-sided interests, hidden agendas and individuals that own them. It is also important to know how the mainstream media is intertwined, often covertly and secretly and that it has been designed this way for a purpose.

Today, the way things rank on the most popular search engines have a lot to do with smartly designed factors. However, everything you find on the Internet is not 100 percent trustworthy. In fact, you can’t fully trust even the most popular sites. Why? Well, there has been a lot of talking about the so called “truth-factor” within the existing search engines, but that is not where the current sources of information can be fully realigned. You have to ask yourself this:

What is the intention and the objective behind a source of information such as mainstream media sources? To feed humanity with distorted and twisted information for mind programming purposes or to share transparent and unfiltered truthful information for the collective good? It seems all this is about to change.

I had the privilege to talk to the team of several entrepreneurs, independent professors and engineers from various countries, including France, Holland and Germany, who’s name will be revealed soon and who is building the world’s first AI Truth-Based Search Engine Network with the objective to provide a truthful, transparent and unfiltered source of information to humanity, where people around the world will not only have access to the truthful and essential information for the first time in the history of the internet but will also be able to co-create and contribute with their own verified knowledge and experiences.

One of the project’s main objectives is to connect (independent) organizations, groups, independent scientific panels and other people who are already disclosing the truth – human origins, history, ufo/et’s, long hidden technologies and science etc. Here’s what one of the founders said:

This project will, without any doubt, transform the internet as we know it today and the way (and purpose) we connect with one another, including the very intention and intelligence behind it, for the highest benefit of humanity. It is no mere competitive project with the intention to build and create something better than the existing systems and/or sources. It is based on a deeper level of understanding the truth and thus transcending the current flow of information, which has been the very core of human knowledge and (dis)information for decades and which, as we all know, has pushed humanity into a false sense of reality – into a dream – into a matrix. If we want people to be free and independent, they have to be able to access the truth easily.”

The team shared some very interesting insights on how the system is being developed:

In phase 1 the AI will extract, verify and identify the information – where feasible – with the help of newly developed truth-algorithms (which will be fully revealed to the public, after the system has been released), cross-referencing and other intelligent and self-learning AI elements. In addition to the “Search” component, a “Source” component will be introduced, where all the critical knowledge will be listed within categories and which will serve as a new education model and/or tool. We will disclose more about this sensitive area in the coming months.

In the 2nd phase, a Global Verification Network, being a critical part of the system, will be added – each data category will be assigned to a designated panel and/or network of people, which will, with complete public transparency, work closely with the self-learning and self-aligning AI and verify the existing critical data and approve & verify newly added information from various sources, including a completely new social network component, where people will connect in order to learn and synchronize their knowledge and information for their own education – for their own path. The verified data will then be integrated into the existing AI fact database, which will use a real-time updating engine. Many articles are already talking about how “truth-detecting” algorithms would bring about many issues, but if we work together, if we share the same vision and if we, the people, are working toward a common goal, anything and everything can be achieved.”

This is where it gets really interesting, but the team wants to reveal more information once they move closer to the final development stage, which, as they stressed, still very much depends on the financing. They said however, that people will finally have a chance to work together as one collective mind for the good of all.

One of the most exciting and amazing tools/apps the team told me about is the so called LPA (Live Product Analyzer) which is directly connected to the “Truth-AI”. It is a mobile app which gives you the ability to scan the product (for example in a grocery store), shows the exact ingredient information (if the product has been listed online) and most importantly, highlights the beneficial and/or harmful ingredients/elements based on proven facts, that most people aren’t even aware of – such as fluoride, saccharine, titanium oxide etc. The majority of the population still doesn’t know what they are actually buying and consuming and how these ingredients affect their bodies, their lives and the lives around them. So finally people will have a clear picture and completely transparent information of what the product they’re buying actually contains – only this way the food quality can be verified and maintained by the people! There will be a tremendous ripple effect on many industries when this tool is released, as you may have figured out, but if we want full disclosure, if we want to form a new level of civilization, this is what needs to happen.


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[column size=”1/2″ class=”right”]At this point some people might ask: “How can an AI know the truth? How can we determine what is true and what is not? How can a “collective online mind” be synchronized at all times?” Well, it seems that the team has found a way to merge an AI online system with the network of groups/panels, who are basically the source the AI learns from. Additionally, every person on the planet will have the ability to contribute with their knowledge and experience, once the phase II is complete and once the data has been verified.[/column]


This system will not only assist humanity through the current transition phase, which is being experienced by many, but will give everyone the immediate opportunity to see the truth, especially in areas which matter most at this time. This really is a significant game-changer for humanity and will affect our lives in a big, big way, so I really wish that the team completes the system as soon as possible.

As soon as we get more information from the development team, an update will be published on

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