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13 Signs You Are Ready To Go Home To The New Earth

13 Signs You Are Ready To Go Home To The New Earth

access_time September 3, 2015

According to late Dolores Cannon’s hypnotherapy research, a New Earth is being formed where many of us will go in

Signs of This 70 Year Old Prophecy Are All Around Us – By Peter Deunov

Signs of This 70 Year Old Prophecy Are All Around Us – By Peter Deunov

access_time January 26, 2016

The prophecy was written 70 years ago.. and it’s absolutely mind-blowing! Note: While we’re not into prophecies that much, and we have not heard

How WAVE X Will Affect You

How WAVE X Will Affect You

access_time July 15, 2015

by Michelle Walling, Wave X is the term given by Dr. Simon Atkins to the big wave of electromagnetic frequency


Do Parallel Universes Exist?

Do Parallel Universes Exist?

access_time August 9, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 0 comments

Is it possible to live another life in a parallel universe or omniverse? When you experience déjà vu, are you recalling an experience in a parallel universe? The idea of ​​other dimensions has led to many theories over the years, as well as being the cornerstone of many religions. Albert Einstein speculated about the possible existence of a parallel universe, Hugh Everett officially proposed it.


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[column size=”1/2″ class=”right”]A parallel universe is an alternate reality coexisting in a different timeline with a said universe, like ours. A specific group of parallel universes is called “multiverse” although this term can also be used to describe all the possible parallel universes that may constitute reality. According to science, the definition of parallel universes is “universes that are separated from each other by a single quantum event”[/column]


In the last line the emphasis was on the term quantum. According to quantum mechanics, one cannot say that anything exists at a certain point on the subatomic level until it is definitely observed. Which means that there must be a conscious viewer, being you or me. Till then, particles such as electrons occupy a cloud of “overlapping” states, where these can simultaneously spin “up” and “down” or appear in different places at the same time.

How Is This Possible?

To even try to understand it, you have to think really, really small. Smaller than an atom. Electrons circle the nucleus of an atom and are swirling around in multiple states at the same time — they’re hard to pin down. It’s only when we try to measure the exact position of an electron, that we force it to have a specific location.

“When you observe something in one state, one theory is it split the universe into two parts,” is what Cleland told,” trying to explain how there can be multiple universes and we can see only one of them.”

The multi-verse theory says the entire universe “freezes” during observation, and we see only one reality. You see a baseball ball flying through the air, but maybe in a second universe the ball has already dropped. Or you were looking the other way. Or they don’t even play soccer over there.

But it all comes down to how we understand time.

We don’t exactly feel time, we simply know it by past events that we can draw a relation to in order to give us a perception of time. For example, time moves fast on when you are “having fun” yet very slowly when you are in a situation that you don’t necessarily want to be in. Or if you’ve planned a big day, like a wedding and time slowly passes all of the way leading up until the day, and when the day arrives it’s over before you know it.

Back to the Future

“Time seems to be a one-way street that runs from the past to the present,” says Fred Alan Wolf, a.k.a. Dr. Quantum, a physicist and author to “But take into consideration theories that look at the level of quantum fields … particles that travel both forward and backward in time. If we leave out the forward-and-backwards-in-time part, we miss out on some of the physics.”


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[column size=”1/2″ class=”right”]Wolf is quoted saying that — at least in quantum mechanics — doesn’t move straight like an arrow. It zig-zags, and he thinks it may be possible to build a machine that lets you bend time.


“Newton said all time is universal and all clocks tick the same way,” Gott says. “Now with Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity we know that travel into the future is possible. With Einstein’s theory of gravity, the laws of physics as we understand them today suggest that even time travel to the past is possible in principle. But to see whether time travel to the past can actually be realized we may have to learn new laws of physics that step in at the quantum level.”

“Our concepts of cause and effect will fly out the window,” says Ben Bova, the science fiction author. “People will — for various reasons — try to fix the past or escape into the future. But we may never notice these effects, if the universe actually diverges. Maybe somebody already has invented a time machine and our history is being constantly altered, but we don’t notice the kinks in our path through time.”


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