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Take a little break. Yes, you.

Take a little break. Yes, you.

access_time March 18, 2015

“Let me tell you what everybody out there needs to find… Ultimate and true happiness. Seventy-five years. That’s how much

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What Is The Most Important Thing You Have To Do In Your Life?

What Is The Most Important Thing You Have To Do In Your Life?

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Discovering the purpose of your life and living it is arguably the most important thing you have to do in order to be fulfilled and happy with your life. Let us examine this claim by analyzing different examples of how this works.

Some time ago I decided to go along to a personal development event and one of the talks was about how to find your goal in life. One of the questions raised was: “How many of you are living your life purpose?” I myself stood up as I  felt that on the whole I actually am living my life purpose but only around 5% of the other listeners did so. Another question asked “How many people know their life purpose?” and around 20% of the audience stood up in response. In both cases the numbers were quite low. The truth is that most people don’t live their life purpose – they hate what they do and are only waiting for their next day off or for their next holiday.

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On average we spend one-third of our lives asleep and at the moment there is nothing we can do about this.  Most of us devote another third of our lives to some kind of paid work. When we have to add necessities like commuting, eating & shopping we end up with very little time for what we really enjoy doing. Obviously these opportunities can depend on each individual but most people can relate to this frustration. Thinking about this talk and looking back at the people I’ve met over many years in different countries I can clearly see that so many people actually hate what they do.  Even if they tell you that their job is “ok” or “fine”  the reality is that they’ve  just got used to it but they are hardly doing something that they genuinely enjoy.
If you think about it, wouldn’t it be great to spend that one-third of your life doing something you really love doing? Perhaps you like playing sport or watching movies or spending time with children. Whatever it is that you really enjoy doing, you can make a living out of this.


You need to find what you really love doing.

It took me many years to realize what direction I wanted to take in life. I tried many passions before I found my real purpose. I used to win a lot of kickboxing matches and I loved it as a teenager but I also knew that I didn’t want to spend my life as a fighter.  I then tried to get involved in making music as I love electronic music and hip-hop but the party scene took over too much for me. Then I travelled abroad to work in the US before later moving to the UK. I tried different jobs, I got into the catering industry as I used to work in my parents’ restaurant, but the longer I worked in catering the more deeply I felt that this was not the right place for me.  I went to university but I dropped out twice as I wasn’t happy studying. Throughout this time I was searching for my purpose in life. I knew that self-development and improving my language skills would always be useful  whatever I  chose to do and  I have worked a lot on this . I have always been interested in investigating how the world works. I have always wanted to know the truth behind mysteries and learn if some of these claims are real. I feel there is too much negativity in the world and I wanted to do something to change that. I was researching these issues as a hobby for many years, but never imagined that this would become my full-time occupation. Then technology started evolving so that it became possible to run a website without having much technical training. I saw an ideal opportunity for me to research my favourite topics and have a flexible job.


After I started working on my first blogs I soon realized I had found my true purpose in life. I want to help people to understand how the world operates on a deeper level and I realized that I would be able to clarify this through blogging, writing, lecturing and researching videos or documentaries. I’m still not entirely there yet but  I’m slowly but surely moving forward, learning more and educating more people. Sometimes it can be challenging but at the same time it can be really enjoyable and interesting. I still have a few decades left and now that I know what I want to do,  I can  spend the rest of my life pursuing what I’m genuinely passionate about. I still feel that it was worth exploring  those other aspirations to search for my real  purpose throughout  these years. But many people won’t bother to do this. They will choose their career based on what their parents tell them to do or perhaps their decisions will be financially motivated.  We are almost “forced” to choose our occupation at such an early age when we still have not experienced much  life. We may enrol on a university course and then realize that it is not exactly what we enjoy doing, but after spending some time working in this field or studying that particular subject it becomes too difficult to change this. We get trapped in our comfort zone doing something we are not enjoying but we are too lazy to do anything about it.   You may have to spend 3 years changing your career or work part-time for a few years while you are redirecting your life . But however difficult this might be, it’s still worth doing as this short period of time will pass and then you are on a new path and can enjoy the rest of your life doing something you are passionate about.


How do you find your life purpose?

First you have to recognize what you are truly passionate about. Sometimes you might think that changing my well-paid corporate job to do something I enjoy like sport  will mean less money and a lower standard of living.  You may have a well-paid corporate job but the only value you gain is the paycheck at the end of the month. You might want to become a gym instructor or a personal trainer and you think that it might bring you joy but the money won’t be so good.  You first need to ask yourself: “What is more important, having more money doing something you dislike or earning less but doing something you love?”  The answers may vary but you also need to remember that once you are really good at something you can make money from it. If you are a gym instructor or a personal trainer, you can become an expert on nutrition and training, you can start creating videos where you pass on your knowledge, you can start blogging and enhance your status as an expert and even become a celebrity! That will enable you to raise your fees, conduct private sessions with high profile clients, perhaps sell video programs or hold workshops and retreats; there are always options, you just need to be creative and stay  true to your passion.

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Remember that in today’s world you can become an expert in any field. Thanks to the Internet you can learn anything. If you like preparing kids’ meals, you can become an expert on that. If your passion is traveling, you can either work as a travel guide or you can start an online business so that you can work flexibly while you travel – there are so many possibilities.
Let’s say that you love cinema, but you don’t necessarily have the confidence or desire to be a filmmaker. Alternatively, you could work for a website or magazine and write movie reviews. You could even start your own blog. You could work as a film editor or as a screenwriter or organize film festivals.

So how do you find what makes you tick?

Start from asking yourself these questions:

– Do I like what I’m doing?
– What am I good at?
– What makes me happy and what do I really enjoy doing?
– What do others say I’m good at?

You may well have different talents or passions so you might need to experiment  in several directions before you  make the right decision. Write down everything you are passionate about and start thinking which one you could turn into a career.
Be aware that it might take time. Some people immediately know what their life purpose is but others will search for this for years. Once you have invested enough effort into trying to discover your true passion, you will find it. In my case it took a few years, but I also think that it came at the right time. English is not my first language and it took me years to become confident; my knowledge of my favourite subjects has also increased throughout these years. The technology that could create websites or social media platforms to promote the content all evolved at the right moment to make my work much easier. Remember your job will take up most of your life so you have to find something you truly enjoy doing. This is your life so live it the way you want, not how others want. And don’t forget – you can only be truly good at something if you really love what you do.


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