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We’ve Experienced Real-Time Time Jumping!

We’ve Experienced Real-Time Time Jumping!

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I’m sure you already read or heard about time jumping, time theories and reality. So did we, but the events we’ve experienced 3 times now, we cannot explain, that’s why we decided to publish them here, so that maybe one of you can help us solving the puzzle.

// //

The first time I’ve experienced a “Time-Jump” was when we moved to another city when living in Australia, 6 years ago. We were completely new in the area, we didn’t have a car at the time and I had to go to the post office to pick up a package our parents have sent us. So, I printed out a Google Map to find my way to the office. Because it was already 5:50, my wife reminded me that the office is probably open till 6pm and that I should go the next morning. Because I was too excited to get the package I told her that maybe it will still be open when I get there… Anyway, I left the building at 5:52 and started following the map, without knowing the distance or estimated time. I felt like walking a bit faster than usual, but I wasn’t running as I was wearing flip-flops. I followed the map, street after street, noticing nothing but street names. After a couple of steep streets, turns and crossings I arrived at the post office which, luckily, was still open. I picked up the package and as soon as I came out I rang my wife. She answered the phone and instantly replied:”I told you to go in the morning, but you didn’t listen.” When I told her that I’ve just picked up the package, she replied: “Come on now, it’s impossible for you to be there already! It’s 5:58, which means you left 6 minutes ago!” We were both a bit shocked, but we said let’s see how long I will need to get back home. I needed 25 minutes to get back and my tempo was not slow at all, I felt I was walking even faster than before.

Without too much thought and analysis, we said let’s try to walk the same path in couple of days. Now we knew that the distance from our building to the post office was around 2 km. And as you might have guessed, it took us again around 25 minutes. We’ve used this path quite often, and it has always taken the same amount of time.

The second Time-Jump event happened in Europe 4 years ago to both of us when driving from our home to our capital, which usually takes around 1h 20min, for about 130km (a highway with 5 tunnels etc…). We’ve used this highway at least 50 times before, so we know exactly how long it should take. Anyway, we had a meeting scheduled for 2pm, so we left our home at 12 noon, to have some time for a coffee before we get into the meeting. When we started driving my wife had a call with her brother, so we knew exactly the time point we drove off. During our drive we were talking, as usual, but we somehow didn’t notice anything else but ourselves and of course the highway. We kind of felt like a deep and subtle tranquility within which we could not explain at the time. After a while we saw the exit sign for our destination. Surprised we looked at the clock and it showed 12:15… We instantly knew: “Yeah, it happened again!” At the same time my wife called her brother and told him that we’re already in the city. He of course laughed and thought that she was joking. When he realized that we are really already there he was as amazed as we were… again, we had no explanation how or why this has happened.

Now, the third and the most amazing Time-Jump we’ve experienced was when driving from our neighboring country in Europe to our home city with a friend of ours, so we had a witness this time, for those of you who are a bit skeptical 😉 This happened 2 years ago.

The usual time for this route is always around 42 min, because they have very strict rules and a lot of highway cameras. The distance between the two points is 60,1 km. We left the shopping center cafe at exactly 10:00pm – at the time we switched to another radio station because they started with the news, something we never listen too by the way 😉

// //

This time we could feel how we were literally absorbed into some kind of vortex – me and my wife felt like the street lights were flying by on both sides of the car like we were driving 300km/h or more. When we checked the speedometer it showed either 100 or 130km/h, according to the strict speed limits, as I told you before. Our friend was writing messages on the back seat, so she was distracted. Very soon we arrived at the petrol station in our city, to get some gas and water. The clock showed 10:08!! We knew that something was happening while we were driving, but we didn’t expect to experience this again. When our friend saw the clock she freaked out. We explained that it happened to us before, but this time it was different, we could feel sleeping into some kind of time vortex.

Up to this day we cannot explain completely how or why this three events occurred. We’ve read a lot about time, we are aware of the now moment and that time really does not exist. That’s clear to us to some point, but we would really like to know how to perform these “Time-Jumps” on demand. If any of you out there experienced similar or the same events, please let us know. Especially if you know how or why they occur.

With light and joy,



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