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Why You Should UNLEARN Almost Everything You Know

Why You Should UNLEARN Almost Everything You Know

access_time June 20, 2015

Have you found yourselves awakened and confused as hell about what the truth is? Part of the matrix plan is

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Secret Ancient Knowledge – The Divine Matrix with Gregg Braden

access_time March 30, 2015

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Take a little break. Yes, you.

Take a little break. Yes, you.

access_time March 18, 2015

“Let me tell you what everybody out there needs to find… Ultimate and true happiness. Seventy-five years. That’s how much


Want to Exchange Roles for a Day? We Dare You.

Want to Exchange Roles for a Day? We Dare You.

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The only way to live a bigger and fuller life is by pushing past your comfort zone. Living a life you love is your birthright but also your responsibility. We always teach people that in order to be successful in manifesting the life they desire, they have to keep their emotions and feelings in an elevated state, by being excited, joyous, happy. Well, by performing a dare like we did today, you definitely get to experience all of them at once, or more.

So, because people always want to know how they can bring a new knowledge into practice, today we decided to demonstrate the benefits and effects of exchanging partner roles. Thus I could finally experience a “male role” in my life and demonstrate my husband’s attitude toward everything he does and he is, and of course he did the same for me. Although this role being and acting as my husband was very fun in its own unique way, it has shown and taught me more than I would expect.

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We agreed that we’ll do our best to demonstrate each other’s behaviors, attitudes and reactions and other things we do in life. And yes in the end we were very happy that we did this dare. Why? For your better understanding it is easier if I first tell you that we never fight. Really, never! But that doesn’t mean that we agree on everything we do. Our quiet agreement from the first day we met was, that we’ll always talk to each other openly, no matter how many likes or dislikes we have or how hard things may appear to be. In case we were unable to find a solution at that particular moment, we would sleep over it and continue the next day.

That usually helps, because the body’s emotional response blocks the mind’s rational response, so the built up chemicals in the body have to break down in order for you to see the whole picture again 😉

I must say that we were laughing the whole day through, because your body wants to react like it usually reacts to some memorized trigger or circumstance, but you know that you have to react like the person you are trying to emulate, so it’s kind of a game between your conscious mind and your body being driven by memorized reactions. It is really funny because it feels like you are playing with a remote controlled device. On top of all that funny stuff you also get to experience how others see you and your reactions, so you really have to be open and accept yourself, otherwise it may be a bit confusing at first. But fear not, after an hour or two you get used to the role and to “your own” reactions! It felt exactly the same as if we would watch ourselves in a 24 hour movie 😉

This is a perfect example of why it is hard for people to change from one day to another. When the body remembers better than the conscious mind, then we are talking about habits. And this is where we must work on, if we are to experience any changes in these areas. Even though we’ve been working on ourselves for quite a while, it felt amazing to consciously monitor the way we reacted to certain moments.

Think about this for a second; much like a computer the memorized actions and reactions are triggered automatically by the body’s memory system, without any thinking and effort. We’ve memorized a set of behaviors so well that we have become an automatic, habitual body-mind! This is really fascinating because we can use this for our own good. We can install new habits which will help us create the life we want, but first you have to get into the subconscious and reprogram it.

So you see, exchanging roles with your partner can have amazing effects, more than just seeing how you really look like to the outside world, although by seeing the picture from the outside, you know exactly what’s going on the inside. We encourage you, and we dare you to do the same. You can even exchange roles with your friend, brother or sister, it really doesn’t matter. But be fair, be strong, and do it for a full day. I guarantee you, it’s worth it!

With light and joy,

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