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Your reality is based on your own values

Your reality is based on your own values

access_time March 8, 2015

Many ‘’new knowledge’’ books stress the importance of quantum understanding of how our body, brain, thoughts and emotions work and

1 Month Healthy Food Challenge

1 Month Healthy Food Challenge

access_time June 6, 2016

If you are like us, you closely read the labels to whatever packaged food you buy. If you also try

The 9 Rules For Being Human – Handed Down From An Ancient Sanskrit

The 9 Rules For Being Human – Handed Down From An Ancient Sanskrit

access_time October 20, 2016

If life is a game, these are the rules for being human! When you were born, you didn’t come with


Changing the side of the bed? – Habits, Patterns

Changing the side of the bed? – Habits, Patterns

access_time March 20, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 0 comments

All humans as creatures of habit, install many daily patterns, from putting on socks in the morning, without thinking which side to put on first, to our daily thinking patterns, which pretty much determine who we are at this very moment.

Since we’ve started the Game of Life, we performed numerous activities, which we wouldn’t normally do, but this time we wanted to give you a short but effective exercise, of how to start changing your life for the better with small shifts in your habitual every day.

First, you have to know, that by responding to certain situations in life the same way over and over again, unconsciously, your body begins to take over the function of the mind and that’s why it is crucial to become aware of the habits that shape the way we act and think, including the small habits like mentioned above. If we don’t do this, our body will remain in it’s “commanding position” and react without us noticing it, meaning that we don’t have the control over our life – and thus we become the product of our environment, media etc…

As we install (or program or whatever you want to call it) habits into our mind and body, aware or unaware, our body releases certain chemicals, which then produce feelings. Of course the body can remember an experience with strong emotional charge much better than an experience or an event with a low or no emotional charge, so learning to observe how we react in certain situations will help us see who we really are and what we have become. This is particularly helpful when we decide to change who we are or change our life in general.

So, when we woke up this morning, we felt like being on the same side of the bed, but after opening our eyes we noticed the changed position. Here we can clearly see, how body remembers the repetitive actions. We however must honestly say, that it felt very good and refreshing to switch sides. We were actually laughing at each other, because we could see that both of us were a little confused the first couple of seconds.

The intention of this small change was to experience and observe how body reacts to it. This way we can train ourselves to become more and more aware, thus reaching into an unknown area of our mind… until it becomes familiar and we begin to use it for creating our lives consciously.

Until next time, with light and joy,



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