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access_time June 24, 2015

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Mindful walking? – Mindfulness, Awareness

Mindful walking? – Mindfulness, Awareness

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Dear friends, I’m sure I don’t have to explain what walking is. But what I’d like to get your attention for, is telling you what you can do while walking – and I don’t mean the habitual thinking that usually occurs when you walk 😉. Many of us don’t walk a lot, because driving, as a result of our busy days and schedules, became an automated way of getting around. Well, walking can be used efficiently for connecting the mind and body and much more.

This morning we decided to take a break from driving and replace it with walking. You must think “yeah, we’ve done that before”, but let me explain the purpose behind it. First of all we had to take care of a couple of things in the city, which is approximately 30-40 min walking distance, enough time to let our bodies take us for a walk. Yeah, you heard it right – let our BODIES take US for a walk. We usually use the surrounding nature for walking, but we said let’s use the every-day activities and turn them into creative ones.

Some of you are already using meditative techniques to relax and create, others may have heard about meditation. But have you ever tried to stay in the same relaxed state of being for the whole day, even while performing different activities, or during work? Well, at the beginning it’s not that easy, as your mind wants to wander around and play the master, throwing all possible problems at you. But the truth is, if we want to take control of our lives completely, we must learn to direct and choose our thoughts in every moment of our waking day. You are manifesting with every thought you create, so make sure your thoughts are selected carefully and with intention.

So, the today’s dare was all about staying present in every moment of the day and that’s why we decided to exchange driving with walking, to make more time for every activity and to enjoy the sunny weather of course 🙂 After we’ve taken care of everything we had to do in the city, we went to buy some groceries and then back home. All together around 3 hours. Since we’ve started this morning we were really aware of every step we’ve made, we really felt different once we set the intention for the day. We felt like we were in the middle of a meditation, even when talking to each other. Usually we experience such moments of elevated awareness when surrounded by nature, but today we experienced the same feelings in the city, with all the cars and people around us, which is usually not the case, because we easily get distracted by various things in our environments. Today everyone seemed happy, everything looked beautiful, as a reflection of how we’ve felt the whole day. This really should be the practice of our daily life – we all know that your creation starts within.

In our daily lives, we spend more time walking than sitting quietly with our eyes closed. Turning walking into an activity of mindful creation or relaxation can serve as a powerful bridge between meditation practice and daily life, helping us be more present, mindful and concentrated in ordinary activities. It can reconnect us to a simplicity of being and the wakefulness that comes from it.

We warmly recommend you all to exchange driving with walking, whenever and wherever possible. It’s good for your health, body and mind!

With all our light and joy,


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