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Why are you here? What are you here for? What should you be doing?

Why are you here? What are you here for? What should you be doing?

access_time May 5, 2015

These are the questions you always, always ask yourself. Do you ask because you are truly lost? No, you ask

The Process of Ascension is happening NOW. Can you feel it?

The Process of Ascension is happening NOW. Can you feel it?

access_time May 1, 2015

Quietly and introspectively the changes are slowly, yet steadily taking place in your consciousness. You are now beginning to loose

The Alien Tampering Of Human DNA

The Alien Tampering Of Human DNA

access_time September 3, 2015

Michael Tellinger, David Wilcock, Erich von Daniken, Giorgio Tsoukalos,  Jason Martell, William Bramley and George Noory discuss the possibility of


Are you creating your own life? – Mindfulness, Greater awareness

Are you creating your own life? – Mindfulness, Greater awareness

access_time March 16, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 0 comments

The last couple of years for us were truly amazing in the sense of re-discovering of who we really are and why we are here. One of the important things we found out, was that most people never let themselves discover who they really are, or what they truly desire. The majority of people are to busy managing their “outside world”, so that they never have the time to look inside. This fact makes it impossible for them to get to know themselves and accept them as individuals. Self-awareness and self-observation should be the first step for us all.

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Without exaggerating I can easily say, that one of the most important objectives in life is the awareness of the power we human beings have, when being fully awake and aware of the present moment.

Mindfulness, greater awareness, paying attention, whatever you want to call it – it changes every facet of your life and in every way. It’s as simple as that. Strive to live fully awake in each moment of your daily life and overcome your greatest personal struggles, find a great sense of peace and joy, and realize the greatest lessons life can teach you as a result of living fully awake in the present moment.

There are many faculties in our lives, that help us accept and appreciate ourselves, which is of the utmost importance, if you want to grow as a individual. Therefore we decided to give you a list of our top 30 objectives, which help us all to accept, understand and appreciate ourselves, in order for us to start living a life as a creator – it is who we were born to be.

It is our wish that the list below will help you in a good and inspiring way:

  1. Get to know yourself
  2. Accept yourself exactly the way you are now
  3. Understand your thoughts
  4. Understand your feelings
  5. Learn to listen to your inner voice
  6. Appreciate who you are in this very moment
  7. Let your body be your most amazing gift
  8. Always be yourself
  9. Trust yourself
  10. Treat yourself with respect
  11. Have courage
  12. Be daring
  13. Inspire yourself every day
  14. Be relaxed and happy
  15. Fell amazing every day
  16. Love yourself
  17. Give love to all beings
  18. Feel connected
  19. Let your heart sing
  20. Lose all concepts of time and …
  21. … learn to stay in the present moment
  22. Value everything you have
  23. Be generous in spirit
  24. Keep only the good memories, purge the rest
  25. Let people know you appreciate them
  26. Play every day, no matter what you do
  27. Smile everyday
  28. Create a life you desire every day
  29. Be honest with yourself
  30. Do the things you like, every day

// //

The list is only the beginning, you can add anything you feel like, I’m sure the list could be endless. We encourage you to list your top priorities in life below as a comment, so that people reading this can be even more inspired and motivated!

With light and joy,


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