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Cosmic Disclosure – Corey Goode & David Wilcock

Cosmic Disclosure – Corey Goode & David Wilcock

access_time August 22, 2015

THE MESSAGE FOR HUMANKIND There is more going on in space than you can ever imagine. Out of sight, out

This Little Girl Was Being Bullied At A Bus Stop – Now Watch What The Adults Do

This Little Girl Was Being Bullied At A Bus Stop – Now Watch What The Adults Do

access_time October 27, 2015

We live in a world where learning to navigate your emotions and how you feel is not important. We live



access_time November 5, 2015

As more and more evidence begins to surface within the modern day of humanity, we are able to examine and


A small act of kindness – Connection, Kindness

A small act of kindness – Connection, Kindness

access_time March 12, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 0 comments

Sometimes the smallest act of kindness can affect someone else’s life in a big way. There are many opportunities we all encounter on a daily basis, which, if approached proactively, would literally enhance and improve lives around us, including our own. All we have to do, is to listen to our inner voice, when an opportunity presents itself. Have you ever seen an older person struggling when carrying grocery bags? Well, it’s something we all see very often I’m sure. But let me ask you this: have you ever asked one of them if they would like some help?

I really wonder how many people would say yes to the second question. I know that some older people would be afraid or ashamed of saying yes, but I’m pretty sure that the majority would accept.

This morning we went for a long walk and on the way back, I saw an older lady carrying 3 full grocery bags! Even I wouldn’t load them like that if I knew I had to walk afterwards 😉 Anyway, I must say that in situations like this I would always react differently, I maybe thought of asking them if they needed any help, but have never done it. Being in a complete unknown zone every day, this time I easily approached the lady and asked her if she would like us to help her carry the bags, because we could see that they were really really heavy. I’m truly sorry I couldn’t take a photo of her reaction, because that would be a National Geographic photo; her eyes literally started glowing and sparkling as well as her face.

We’ve never seen an instant change like that before, it was just incredible… And only because of ONE kind gesture. She told us however, while pointing at her house 20m left from us, that she’s almost at her door and that if we would catch her further away, she would gladly accept. She gave us a sincere thank you along with the fresh energy that flooded her body and left.

To be honest, this tiny assistance we offered to the nice lady changed something in us as well and we’re sure that the effect on her side was even greater. People are usually in a rush, not even noticing other people around them, so it’s not a surprise that acts like this are not as common as we would like. But when living in the present moment, you SEE everything around you and acts like that come naturally. Once you change your world within, the world you live in starts to mirror the changes you’re experiencing inside.

Remember, we are all connected, so with helping others, you help yourself and when others start to feel better as a results of your efforts, you start to grow.

With light and joy,


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