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access_time December 1, 2015

On the surface of the world right now there is war and violence and things seem dark. But calmly and quietly,

Winter Blues Got You Down? 7 Natural Tips To Beat the Blues

Winter Blues Got You Down? 7 Natural Tips To Beat the Blues

access_time January 18, 2016

The third Monday of January is known as Blue Monday—the most depressing day of the year. It’s when New Year

Stealing our nephews – Intention, Cleverness

Stealing our nephews – Intention, Cleverness

access_time March 6, 2015

Intention backed up by firm belief and faith is one of the strongest forces we humans have. Stronger than any


Feeling good with games! – Happiness, Liveliness

Feeling good with games! – Happiness, Liveliness

access_time March 11, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 0 comments

Have you ever asked yourself why and how you attracted an event or circumstances into your life? I trust you already know quite a bit about your thoughts and emotions creating your reality. We can not stress enough how important it is to keep our emotions in an elevated mode, and our thoughts focused on what we want. It surely isn’t easy to re-program the mind and body, but with discipline and a bit of effort you can get there too. Anyone can! Remember that!

Our goal is that you understand the importance of directing thoughts, feelings and emotions, which are solely responsible for creating the realities we live in. People start with focusing their thoughts toward what they really want, but after a short time they forget all about their emotions and state of being, without which the attraction process does not work. There are many techniques, such as meditation, to access the subconscious and re-program the mind and body, but today we’ll focus on keeping ourselves happy and joyful, especially for those of you who just started with re-inventing yourself 😉

To demonstrate what I just mentioned above, and more, we decided to play games all day long! Yeah, all day! We could easily do that on a regular basis I must tell you. I’m not talking about video games, which actually could be easily included the next time, but games in general – different card games, backgammon, chess, or any other board games you like. Anyway, we started the day with a series of easy and funny games such as ludo and UNO, to stretch the brain a bit. It felt unusual to do these activities from the early morning, but it was indeed refreshing. Let me remind you again – our goal and intention is to keep a high and elevated emotional charge throughout every day and to live in the present moment. I’m not talking about being hyper excited and jump around the whole day, I’m talking about that deep and peaceful contentment within you, that anchors you into the present moment, so that nothing in your environment can deter you from it.

To spice up our game day a bit, we included games like Monopoly and Yahtzee, which I’m sure you know. We’ve been playing it for a couple of hours, so one day isn’t really that long, especially if you decide to play games with more people. Anyway, after playing games for several of hours we felt extremely relaxed and joyous, full of energy and imagination. The important thing when having a day like this is to completely let go of everything you might experience during your working week, let go of the thoughts, that usually bother you, if you can recognize them. That’s why having a full day for games is a good therapy for changing the mood, because you literally forget about everything – the only focus you have, is the game itself.

This is really an easy dare anyone can do, even with family or friends, the only thing you have to invest in it, is time. I’m sure many of you like games, so we warmly recommend it! And remember, be aware of your predominant thoughts and feelings throughout every day, because you are emitting vibrations into the reality around you every moment of your life and thus attracting the very subject of your thoughts or emotions in that moment.

With light and joy,


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