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The Five Pillars Of Spiritual Mastery

The Five Pillars Of Spiritual Mastery

access_time April 28, 2015

Spiritual Mastery is defined as the perfection of the spiritual process and a complete understanding as to the nature of

1500 Year-Old Bible Found In Turkey Is Stirring Up Controversy About Christianity

1500 Year-Old Bible Found In Turkey Is Stirring Up Controversy About Christianity

access_time August 15, 2015

The Bible was already in custody of Turkish authorities after having been seized in 2000 in an operation in the

Make Your Leap of Faith Into New Paradigms

Make Your Leap of Faith Into New Paradigms

access_time April 23, 2015

Do you feel, at this time, that you are reviewing old lessons, and seeing the past repeating in your life?


Shopping for patience – Patience, Determination

Shopping for patience – Patience, Determination

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Patience is a virtue not many people possess, or work on during their lives (maybe when they get older). It is however a virtue, that is crucial for staying happy and in the present moment, which, in reality, is the only point in time that really exists. The dare we’ve done today, is a very simple, yet effective demonstration, of how to exercise this virtue with already existing habits we all have.

We all buy food daily or at least weekly and we all have a favorite shop don’t we? We are able to go to the same shop over and over again, without even noticing that we’re making a habit out of it. However, a habit that sneaks in on you, especially when unconscious, can take away all the excitement you have while buying the fresh and tasty food – it’s fresh energy people, so let’s keep it alive!

Although we’d like to buy groceries in different shops, especially organic ones, it’s still the same area, same assortment. To change the shopping routine, today we decided to go and buy groceries in another country, which happens to be only 30 min away from where we live – yeah, it’s a small country we live in. If you want to do the same dare, choose a city that is next to yours, or a different part of your city at least, so you will not have to use a plane 😉

We agreed that firstly we want to have breakfast, then buy groceries at the nearest shop. We knew approximately where to go, but we decided to find the way without the navigation system for many reasons. Anyway, after driving for an hour, we couldn’t find neither a restaurant, nor a shop! I must say, that we were already hungry, a lot, so regardless of that we said let’s be patient and follow our instincts. At first it was funny, but after a while the hunger started to “eat” away the patience, or at least it tried. We didn’t give in and we stayed calm, because we were determined to find it without the navigation. And so we did, after another hour! We were famished, really, but a challenge like this is similar to many challenges we face in our lives. Let’s say you are creating something in your mind and it does not manifest in the time-frame you’ve set before you started with the visualization for example. Will you give up, or persist and continue? (see image below) It’s the relaxed and calm state of mind that allows that what you set as a goal to manifest. In our case it was the restaurant and the shop. In the end we had a wonderful meal and a great shopping experience… we were happy!


I’m sure you all have had different experiences where your patience got lost, but I warmly recommend you work on it. Once you learn that we really only have the present moment, life becomes pure magic.

With light and joy,


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