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The Distress Call for Planet Earth and The Plan

The Distress Call for Planet Earth and The Plan

access_time December 30, 2016

She possesses an incredible depth of knowledge about a wide range of subjects from the year 2012, to extra terrestrials/UFO’s,

Would You Take a One-Way Trip to Mars?

Would You Take a One-Way Trip to Mars?

access_time October 18, 2015

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Mars One, a Dutch company, is planning on sending four lucky participants on

Planet Alert September 2015 – Wave X Is The Wave Of Love

Planet Alert September 2015 – Wave X Is The Wave Of Love

access_time September 5, 2015

by Mahala Gayle, Mahalas Astrology The magical month of September has arrived and it really came in with a roar


Spend a day watching movies – Inspiration, Relaxation

Spend a day watching movies – Inspiration, Relaxation

access_time March 5, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 1 comment

Taking time for yourself is of the utmost importance, if you want to create your own life and by that I mean your own mind and especially the environment of your reality. We all can choose to either be the product of our environment, or that the environment will be the product of our thoughts, emotions and actions. You ask what this has to do with watching movies?

Well, first of all, while observing something that brings you joy, you body falls into an elevated emotional state and you relax into the present moment. I suggest you choose exciting, adventurous, funny movies, or even dramas or romantic movies, if the story has a deeper and positive meaning and purpose.

Our minds have been programmed to closely hold on to work and survival mode, which by itself is something that pushes you back into the physical patterns you installed during your life. To break free from the chains of programmed patterns we acquired either through schools, parents, friends or family, we must learn to re-program and control our mind.

So, before making a decision to watch movies for the whole day, set the intention why you want to do this. This is a very important factor in a life of a human being. Our intention with this dare was to simply enjoy the various stories, characters and environments, which will contribute to our creative visualization as inspirations and, if needed, will lift our emotional state. You can set any intention you want.

Let me explain a bit what intention means. An intention is a directed impulse of consciousness that contains the seed form of that which you aim to create. With setting an intention you put into action various impulses, energies, which eventually, if you persist, will be responsible for creating your reality. The quantum law says that wherever we put our awareness (intention, energy), becomes our reality.

You see, simple actions, such as watching movies for a whole day, can affect your life in a big way. You take time for yourself and your loved one (or friend, etc.), you do something new (maybe not all of you) and you switch to the elevated state of mind which is the most important element when one wants to attract what he wants.

While watching the movies today, we were laughing, we were being excited, happy etc… Because we love sci-fi and adventure movies, there comes a big advantage – very very good music. I think I don’t have to tell you what music does to someone when carefully selected… So all I can say is that we will definitely repeat the “movie-day”, maybe next time with a couple of friends.

Enjoy creating your OWN life, take time to discover who YOU truly are and conquer fear on a daily basis, because the benefits of that are priceless and they affect not only you, but the whole planet. That’s my promise!

P.S.: I said watch MOVIES the whole day, NOT TV programs with news, competition or other disruptive shows! 😉

With light and joy,


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