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Prep Time: 15 min| Cooking Time: 45 min | Total Time: 60 min| Servings: 4 | Difficulty: Easy In the

Inspiration with affirmation?

Inspiration with affirmation?

access_time March 16, 2015

For those of you, who need more inspirational motivation! 🙂

Who Created us – The Ancient Human Space Programs – Corey Goode

Who Created us – The Ancient Human Space Programs – Corey Goode

access_time November 3, 2015

In just one of the “UN Type Federations” that was the Human Types of “Off World” Beings Only there were


Surprise lunch and cleaning – Determination, Daring, Teamwork

Surprise lunch and cleaning – Determination, Daring, Teamwork

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It’s still winter here, but today was a very beautiful and sunny Saturday. When we woke up, we were fully prepared for the next dare: cleaning the home of my mother’s and prepare a surprise lunch for her. Please note that we haven’t had a clue of how much cleaning the apartment would need, so we jumped into the unknown, which by itself is a dare 😉 Without the right intent, teamwork and determination, we would have given up in the middle of it… You’ll see why soon enough.

After a ‘quickie’ breakfast we’ve taken all the necessary equipment for cleaning and cooking ingredients and were already on our way to my mother’s place. Today she was working until 1.30pm, so we had more than enough time to get through the dare in a relaxed rhythm, or so we thought. When we arrived at her place at 10am I was completely out of myself. Why? Do you know how you feel when you’re planning to do something very crazy but exciting at the same time, and in some way totally out of ordinary? Before we even began with the dare I felt all emotions at once, I was excited, happy, a little scared because I didn’t know the cleanliness situation of the apartment, and very nervous. So my husband helped me to calm down a bit before we even started with the work and provided me with his plan how and where to start with cleaning. I took a couple of deep breaths and jumped into it.

I started with the kitchen, El started with vacuuming and wiping the floor. The first two hours have passed and guess where I was? Still in the kitchen! Yeah, it was pretty messy. El however was already cleaning the bathroom. While rubbing and removing fat from the kitchen tiles I thought that maybe this dare was not a very smart move. I almost broke all my nails with rubbing off the hardened grease and fat and I had to change the cleaning gloves 5 times. But somehow I successfully survived and finished with that silly kitchen after 2.5 hours.

My mother’s apartment is not that big, it’s only 75m2, but when you spend so much time cleaning only one area, you feel like you’re cleaning a place of 300m2. I said to El that if I knew that the apartment needed so much “maintenance”, I personally would never decide to do this dare. Anyway, the decision has been made, so we continued with the work.

After a moment of rest I started preparing lunch, because it was almost 1pm and El continued with cleaning of the remaining parts of the apartment. For lunch we decided to make a Mediterranean lentil soup and ratatouille, very easy, nutritious and simple dishes. To make the story short, I’ll skip to the part when my mother arrived home.

We’re sitting at the dining table when we heard the door open. She was talking to her partner, so she didn’t notice anything while entering. When she came to the kitchen and saw us sitting at a prepared dining table and at the same time smelled the cooking, she was standing like frozen. After hugging and kissing, we’ve explained what we’ve done for her today. What do you think her reaction was? I pictured an image of her response in my mind, but to be honest, I was not even close. All she could say at first was… “Oh my god…Why?…This is so beautiful…” and then she started to cry.

We thought… oops… what’s going on now… She got up and started to hug us humbly, while expressing all emotions at once. To be honest we’ve never seen anything like that before, especially with my mother. Even her boyfriend had tears of happiness in his eyes. She couldn’t be more thankful than she was today. She was running around the apartment, touching everything and asking questions,… all we could do, was smile at each other. When we finally had lunch, which by the way was awesome, I completely forgot about the greasy kitchen, fat and broken nails.

Sometimes you may find yourself in the middle of a challenge or something you don’t enjoy very much, but with the right intent you can get through everything. When you make someone happy, the emotions are indescribable. Such elevated emotions anchor you into the present moment, which by the way is the only real moment, and this is the message we are sending out with this game. The more you step out into the unknown, the more you embrace everything around and within you. If you want to change the World, change yourself 😉

If you’ve recently done anything out of ordinary or something that made you feel excited, please share it with all of us!

With light and joy,


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