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Overcoming The Addiction To Negativity In The Matrix

Overcoming The Addiction To Negativity In The Matrix

access_time October 22, 2015

An addiction to negativity in the matrix overlaps the world. Everywhere, people are trapped in unconscious compulsive behaviors that render us negative.

18 Signs of High Emotional Intelligence

18 Signs of High Emotional Intelligence

access_time March 30, 2015

“Emotional intelligence is the “something” in each of us that is a bit intangible. It affects how we manage behavior,

Pope Francis – A Must-See Hilarious Trailer – Will the Pope save the Planet? ;)

Pope Francis – A Must-See Hilarious Trailer – Will the Pope save the Planet? ;)

access_time June 19, 2015

The amount of hype over Pope Francis’s encyclical on the environment, which is due out June 18, is getting pretty


Be silent for a day – Tranquility, Awareness

Be silent for a day – Tranquility, Awareness

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Being silent for a day is not something I’ve done before but after doing it I strongly recommend it to everyone. Let me tell you why… or actually just continue reading my story and find out for yourself.

Before I go any further I have to share with you, that I’m a person who likes to talk… seriously, I really love to talk, sometimes I can talk so much, that even El would ask me where my turn-off-button is. So, that’s me… but El however, he can be a talker only if he chooses so, depends who the listener is 😉

Today I was preforming the dare by myself. Why? Because yesterday afternoon when I finished cooking with my father-in-law we decided to do the “being-silent-for-a-day dare” today, but right after we made the decision El’s sister called and invited us for lunch for our nephew’s fifth birthday. I thought, “oh, yeah, right, we have to reschedule the tomorrow’s dare”. But as “crazy” as we are becoming, El said “NO, NO, you will do it alone, it will be so much fun with more people around you, especially because they will not understand what is going on.” So, I agreed and we decided that we would say I have a toothache, so that they would understand and not ask too much.

When we woke up this morning, all I could do was smile, because for me, this day represented my first silent-day. Firstly, as usual, we had breakfast and a cup of tea and after a while we did our daily workout. When I showered I started to feel a minor pain in my tooth! I thought: “No, this is not happening for real, it’s only in my head”. But after I’ve looked into the mirror I found out, that I wasn’t imagining it at all. My gums began to swell and I could really feel the pain. Funny, hah! Not really… It seems like the universe has responded to my imagination with all its power. When El saw me he couldn’t stop laughing.

To be clear, my pain was not that strong, I could talk. But my head was spinning around when we’ve arrived to the party and saw that there were not only closest family members, but also El’s aunt and uncle and his sister’s parents-in-law – all together twelve people. But what the heck. A dare is a dare, so let’s roll. El told everyone that I’m unable to talk today due to my toothache, to avoid silly and unnecessary questions.

I could notice immediately that all family members wanted to talk to me, regardless of what we just told them about my situation. It actually didn’t bother them that I didn’t reply at all, so El’s mother and aunt were telling me all about their toothaches they had in the past and so on. I thought: “Seriously El, please help, help”. Like I was interested in such stories… but because I couldn’t say anything or run away, I was only smiling and observing.

The biggest mystery for me today was observing our three year old niece and our nephew, who has just turned five. El told them about my toothache and they immediately understood and accepted the situation. Usually I spend a lot of time talking and playing with them, but today we were just playing with no words. Believe it or not, both of them were quiet for the whole time we were playing. From time to time I just hugged them, to show them my appreciation. Usually they don’t love to be hugged too much. Amazing hey, how kids can be considerate and different from adults. With them of course I felt more relaxed and lighthearted. Children are very, very smart and receptive, especially when they not yet follow the induced habits or programs. This example is a good lesson for habitual or programmed behavior 😉 But we will talk more about this subject the next time.

We spend the whole afternoon at the birthday party and to be honest for me this was the best children birthday party ever. Usually we don’t even bother going to this kind of things, because they are more or less the same (no offense please people). Children are playing for themselves and parents, they usually have the same conversations all the time, most of the time about children and because that’s not for us, we better stay away. But if I could spend every children party like today, it would be funny and entertaining. Even El had a very good time with watching me being silent and watching other people having monologues while talking to me.

Let me tell you one last thing. With being silent the whole day something great happens. You become an observer and when you’re in the present moment sitting quietly, you realize that time passes slowly, if at all, and you become completely aware. You see things more clearly when you shut down other senses and you begin to feel different. I could easily say, that this day felt like my longest day and I’m very happy to have experienced it. I’m sure it will become a frequent practice from now on 😉

I invite you to experience a moment of silence and let everything go with one of the greatest voices of our time:

If you’ve recently done anything out of ordinary or something that made you feel excited, please share it with all of us!

With light and joy,


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