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We’ve Experienced Real-Time Time Jumping!

We’ve Experienced Real-Time Time Jumping!

access_time April 16, 2015

I’m sure you already read or heard about time jumping, time theories and reality. So did we, but the events

11 Shocking Things I’ve Learned Since My Awakening

11 Shocking Things I’ve Learned Since My Awakening

access_time June 8, 2015

In this article I will summarize my awakening path through article references and will talk about the most shocking discoveries

Mind Over Matter – Secrets Of The Human Aura

Mind Over Matter – Secrets Of The Human Aura

access_time October 30, 2015

A Russian scientist is trying to convince people they can change the world simply by using their own energy. He


Baking a French Bread – Accuracy, Discipline and Appreciation

Baking a French Bread – Accuracy, Discipline and Appreciation

access_time February 25, 2015 chat_bubble_outline 0 comments

To be honest, we’re still very excited from yesterday’s dare – Hide and seek… each time we see a hideout in our apartment we start to smile. But nevertheless, today is a new day and it’s time for a new dare.

We decided that today we would like to learn how to bake a French bread… to test our abilities of accuracy and discipline. It might sound strange to you, but these abilities come in handy when learning something like this.

We love to cook and sometimes Even would bake some kind of dessert but definitely she would never bake a bread. The idea never came up, because we have a bakery in every corner of the city, but nevertheless, people in our country don’t appreciate it and they love to complain about it, so we thought that it wouldn’t hurt if we try to make it ourselves.

We searched the internet for recipes and stumbled upon a good recipe from Julia Child – how to bake a French bread.

We thought, why not, we already had all the necessary ingredients, so let’s do it.

We started as it was shown in the video, we mixed together all the necessary ingredients and left the dough to rest for three hours. After that we played with the dough again and because we don’t have any practice with kneading, we improvised a little. Now the dough had to rest for another two hours.

When it was ready to be formed into the bread we had to remove everything from the kitchen counter to make enough space for creation.

In the video it seemed very easy, but when we started forming and slapping the bread on our own…oh my, oh my… sweat and tears… but in the end we didn’t care, because we knew that we’ll be the only ones eating this awesome French bread… well, it’s supposed to be french, so it must be awesome!

After it was formed we put it in the oven and baked as per instructions. Now, usually when you cook or bake something for the first time you’re very curious and you take a peek a couple of times to see how it’s doing, but this time we were standing right in front of the oven watching the bread rise… hilarious…

When the bread was finished it was very crispy, exactly as Julia represented it in the video, so we cut the first hot slice and all we could say was “YUMMY”. It was very delicious, but we added a little too much salt because we used whole wheat flour with seeds already containing a bit of salt – next time we’ll check the ingredients more carefully. Even Julia said in the video that it is better to use a simple flour but hey, if you don’t try, you don’t know we say.

Anyway, it was a lot of work and fun and we think that everyone who complains about the bread they buy, should definitely do it on their own because whatever you create on your own, you learn to appreciate more.

Bon appétit!

If you’ve recently done anything out of ordinary or something that made you feel excited, please share it with all of us!


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