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The World’s Top 20 Most Fascinating Alien Contactee & Abduction Cases

The World’s Top 20 Most Fascinating Alien Contactee & Abduction Cases

access_time October 26, 2015

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access_time April 19, 2015

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Hide & seek rebuilt – Playfulness, Stealth :)

Hide & seek rebuilt – Playfulness, Stealth :)

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It is pretty clear from the title what today’s dare is all about. We’re sure all of you know this game and most of you remember it from your childhood or from your children. Well, we’ve been playing it very often when we were kids. But why not now, when we are already “grownup”? Hide & seek is a funny and very exciting game. We’re pretty sure that you’ll say that that’s for children, right? But, again, why? We can tell you from our experience, that this type of dare awakens the child in you, because we are all still children, no matter how old we feel or think we are.

So when we decided that this is a good dare, we at first established a few GROWNUP RULES:

– Rule #1: set the clock to 1 minute countdown – this allows the person who has to hide to have more than enough time
– Rule #2: it is not allowed to hide in one place more than once
– Rule #3: If the seeker does not find the other person in 1 minute he has to take off a piece of clothing
– Rule #4: If the seeker does not find the other person in the next 3 minutes, the next piece of clothing has to come off
– Rule #5: the game ends when at least one person has nothing else to take off 😉

Oh, and we almost forgot to tell you – we were playing in the dark with some music in the living room to light up the atmosphere 😉

Our living area has 100 m2, which is more than enough for setting up such rules. And with that we started the dare.

I was the first one who had to countdown, because I lost the “paper, scissors, rock” game. As the first seeker, I was very fast, I actually found El in less than a minute and he thought he found a good place to hide in the darkness 🙂 Obviously I got adjusted to the low brightness very quickly.

Then came the moment of truth for me… I hid myself into the closet so El really had a lot of trouble finding me. And yes, he needed much longer than 3 minutes. After he found me I said: “I almost suffocated in the closet. So, if you still remember our rules… you have to take off two pieces of clothing… how awesome!”.

Because he had such a difficulty finding me in the last round, he thought it’s time for him to find a clever spot. And indeed I struggled a looong time before I could found him. This time I needed more than 5 minutes, because I was running around in complete darkness like crazy and missed the spot twice! Can you believe that? Now I had to take off a couple of clothes myself.

We’ve been playing this game for more than two hours and when I had the last chance to hide (so El will loose the last piece of his clothes), I hid on the balcony where I was standing for more than 10 minutes. Hey, it is not funny! It’s winter time people and very cold, but still, it was worth it. 🙂 🙂

This time my husband lost and we’re pretty sure that from now on we’ll play this game more often. And, as for the naked part of the game, all I can tell you is that we lived happily ever after.


If you’ve recently done anything out of ordinary or something that made you feel excited, please share it with all of us!

With light & joy,


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