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The Electromagnetic Field Around Every Person Is Depleted In Those Who Are Unhealthy

The Electromagnetic Field Around Every Person Is Depleted In Those Who Are Unhealthy

access_time June 12, 2015

Since ancient times we have seen pictures and paintings of different spiritual leaders across various traditions but one thing that

Things To Remember When Dealing With Negative People

Things To Remember When Dealing With Negative People

access_time May 29, 2015

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Your reality is based on your own values

Your reality is based on your own values

access_time March 8, 2015

Many ‘’new knowledge’’ books stress the importance of quantum understanding of how our body, brain, thoughts and emotions work and


Renovating the basement – Capability, Family, Gratitude

Renovating the basement – Capability, Family, Gratitude

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When you consciously decide to step out of the comfort zone and the daily routine, as we’ve done, your overall awareness shifts tremendously because you begin to carefully observe your environment. Thus you begin to feel every feeling people express through their words – if you choose to do so of course.You easily pick up their needs, likes and dislikes, wants etc. – through this you start reading people like open books which gives you the ability to understand their actions and their lives altogether and of course we all learn a lot through observation, especially when you start to observe yourself.

Anyway, as we said in our introduction post “About Us” we will endeavor to do one dare everyday for 365 days – or as many as we come up with. Of course we’d like to hear your ideas and experiences as well. Through this we will step into the unknown every day and experience new emotions which is the most important part of this game.

A recent conversation we had with El’s father was a good inspiration for our first Dare of the day – very often he was talking about how he would like to renovate and clean up the basement after more than 35 years! But as it happens making an excuse and saying: “I’ll do it another time” is much easier than to actually dive into the nasty basement and do the job. When he mentioned it again this time, we instantly looked at each other and smiled as we knew that this is gonna be our first task. El’s parents love winter activities, so they decided to go skiing for this weekend and this gave us a nice gap to start with our first Dare of the day. We decided to surprise them and renovate the old and dusty basement which could be accomplished in one full day.

Yesterday morning we were so excited to start the first dare that we couldn’t wait for them to leave. After having our morning coffee, right after they drove off we were already in the basement making a plan. The first thing we needed to do was getting new storage shelves (because the old ones were falling apart), wall coatings and all the tools needed for the renovation. Of course we haven’t done anything like this before, so we had to learn about the interior wall coatings for the basement and such, but luckily the guys in the shop were more than helpful. You probably know how a renovation looks like, but there were some details we didn’t count on, for example the old hand made shelves which were made specifically for this basement all those years ago. We had to get an electric handsaw and cut out the shelves piece by piece, but other than that everything went smooth. Altogether it’s taken us a full day to finish it completely, including the walls, concrete basement floor and sorting all the items onto the new, shiny and clean shelves.

Indeed it would be much much easier to pass the activity and say “nah, they’ll do it themselves if they want” but imagine how much good you can do for someone with something like this. It doesn’t have to be a whole basement, the important part is to make something for someone who doesn’t expect it, just out of fun and joy. We’re sure you can image how you feel after doing it… apart of being all dirty and covered in dust and paint 😉

The one thing we definitely could not have expected was the response of El’s parents when they came back earlier today. We knew they would be happy but the real reaction was far more colorful and sometimes it is not easy to describe emotions with words. What we can say is that they were completely astonished and thrilled, both of them holding back the tears in their eyes. They were hugging and kissing us, which is normally not the case by the way 😉 We were completely taken away by their excitement, joy and gratitude… so… we would say “Mission accomplished”.

Stay tuned for our next Dare!

With light and joy,


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